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Feeling thwarted by your current ecommerce solution? Make the switch to Shopify Plus, with our team of experts guiding the way.

<p>When it comes to helping you make a smooth, stress-free transition to Shopify Plus, you’re in safe hands with Swanky. From secure data handling, to ensuring your search engine rankings remain minimally affected, we know all there is to know about migrating to Shopify Plus.</p>

<p>As certified Shopify Plus Experts, we have years of experience migrating complex sites from platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce and a host of proprietary systems. The impressive revenue growth that our migrations have generated is a direct reflection of our commitment to providing the highest return on investment for our clients.</p>

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Migrating Your Store to Shopify Plus

We’ll follow our proven replatforming process to seamlessly migrate your ecommerce store, providing clarity and transparency every step of the way.


Technology That Makes Ecommerce Happen

We handpick partners who can help us and our clients create innovative online stores, powered by industry-leading ecommerce technology. We’re constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of ecommerce, and Shopify Plus empowers us to do just that.

Official Shopify Plus Partner

We champion Shopify Plus as the best - and most affordable - ecommerce solution for online store owners looking to move away from poor admin systems, security breaches and unwelcome costs, towards a platform which truly understands the value of ecommerce managers’ time and money. Migrating your store to Shopify Plus means you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

As one of the first three agencies in Europe to be awarded the Shopify Plus Experts accreditation, it’s safe to say we know migrations inside out. Throughout any replatforming project, the safety and security of our clients’ data is always our top priority. With our expert tech team working to ensure that none of your data is lost or damaged, you can turn your attention to where your new Shopify Plus journey will take you.

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