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Shopify Migration Experts

Migrate to Shopify Plus with Swanky and enjoy a seamless, reliable transition to your new ecommerce platform.


Make the switch to Shopify Plus, with our team of experienced migration experts guiding the way.

We leverage our extensive knowledge of the Shopify platform and its integrations to navigate the complexities of ecommerce migrations, successfully replatforming websites of varying size and scale to Shopify Plus.

Our team has more than a decade of experience migrating ecommerce stores from platforms such as:

From hands-on roadmapping and tech consultancy pre-migration, to the expert handling of data migration and page redirects, your Shopify Plus website replatforming project is in safe hands with Swanky’s experts at the helm.

Who we work with

Brands we've migrated to Shopify

Our Shopify migration experts have successfully replatformed brands of all sizes, from all over the globe, to Shopify Plus.

Our Migration Service

Migrating your store to Shopify Plus

We’ll ensure a seamless and reliable migration to Shopify Plus, providing clarity and transparency every step of the way. After more than a decade in the industry, we’ve honed a tried and tested migration process that ensures the security of your data and preservation of your search rankings.

Planning & Roadmapping

Each project begins with the gathering of functional and business requirements, as well as key project objectives, risks, stakeholders and timescales. We provide hands-on, strategic support and guidance to build out an achievable project roadmap with your team.

Data Analysis

Using tools such as Google Analytics, we’ll learn about your brand, products, customer base and current business performance. We may also install heat mapping software to better understand how your audience interacts with your store.

Consultation & Discovery

During functional workshop sessions with your team, we will identify the strengths of your current implementation and explore opportunities for new functionality to drive rapid growth. We’ll consult on integrations with third parties, back-end workflows, data configuration and more. At the end of this discovery phase, we will conduct a comprehensive audit of all core ecommerce business functions and your tech stack.


Our UX designs represent an effortless marriage of form and function; working to drive conversions and provide a user-friendly experience for your customers, whilst still remaining beautiful to look at.

Bespoke Store Development

We’ll code a bespoke, high-performance Shopify Plus website, onto which we can safely migrate all customer data, orders and content from the original store.

We have particular expertise in subscription migration, having developed a robust process to handle subscription package and payment gateway migrations for existing subscribers. We help you to manage all communication with subscribers, ensuring they are kept updated with timely and relevant messages at key moments in the migration.

We will also set up 301 redirects to ensure visitors are directed to the correct site – essential for customer experience and SEO.

System Integrations

Our team can consult on and execute a wide range of integrations for your Shopify Plus store, expertly handling the intricacies involved with integrating third party platforms and apps. Whether through custom middleware development or leveraging integration platforms like Patchworks, we have extensive experience with:

  • ERP and OMS systems, including Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Linnworks
  • CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce and Klaviyo
  • Customer service solutions like Gorgias and Zendesk

Testing & Support

Both before and after your website launch, our QA team will test crucial components of your store’s performance – such as site speed, digital architecture, user journey and mobile friendliness – to ensure it’s optimised to engage customers and drive conversions. Our developers are also on hand to monitor your new website and provide bug support if necessary.


Once your new Shopify Plus website is up and running, our digital growth specialists can work with you to elevate your brand presence using commercially-focused ecommerce growth strategies, tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Find out more about Swanky’s Growth Accelerator service.

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