Our resources are some of the most highly regarded in ecommerce. They are utilised by brands, platforms and agencies around the world to navigate the complex world of modern commerce, enhancing knowledge and guiding strategy.

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Creating a brand your customers will love.


Let us bring your brand to life with elevated copy, design and strategy.

We get a huge buzz from building brands from scratch, tackling new markets, introducing new products and increasing the maturity of a brand’s aesthetics and communications across any online channel. Our full-service proposition is uniquely prepared to progress any business or concept to the next level – whether that’s gentle transformation or powerful disruption.

Our ecommerce branding service is specifically designed to enable brand owners to better understand their audience and to increase their ability to appeal to customers in a trustworthy and engaging fashion, allowing their brands to grow in value and resilience.

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Crafting Resilient Ecommerce Brands

At Swanky, we understand that ecommerce branding is a two-way street and that unique opportunities exist for digital-first brands to provide lasting creative, content and community interactions.

Whether it’s crafting something completely new, breathing fresh life into your visuals, helping you to articulate your strategic position internally or externally, or expanding your product or service range, Swanky is primed to deliver value for your business. Decades of experience in data-backed brand strategy and design will elevate your ecommerce offering to new heights.

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Underpinning it all - Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

In working to define your brand strategy, our process will help you to determine your purpose, vision and values and how they will ultimately define not only your brand and its potential, but also that of your audience.

Your Mission

We’ll help you to understand and articulate your purpose, vision and values; those things that will compel you to keep going, to keep believing that what you’re doing is going to make your customers’ story and experience of this world a better one.

Your Offering

What output defines your brand? What is it about the product or service; is it the quality, or is it the methodology, the impact? Essentially, in looking at what makes your brand better or more appealing, we create a unique service proposition.


Swanky has a reputation for being the Shopify Plus agency that takes data seriously. We’re able to give you insights into your audience, creating segments, building personas and revealing competitors in a way that will disrupt and win you new customers, as well as shaping a balanced multi-channel strategy.


A good ecommerce brand has plenty of attractive characteristics. Our strategic insights will enable us to create a brand that feels familiar and inviting, understanding needs and building empathy around a shared set of values in the brand to customer relationship.

Design Principles

Your brand will evolve over time, whether that’s into new markets, audience segments, products or services. Growth in any of those areas means the brand has to stretch, mature and become more resilient. We help you to define the hallmarks that will endure throughout the lifecycle of your ecommerce business.


The brands that we work with, we enable to innovate, stand out and disrupt. Over the past few years, we’ve helped some of the most successful brands to launch new offerings and define go-to-market strategies – growing and internationalising the likes of Huel, Pasta Evangelists and HelloFresh.

An Award-winning Brand

Over the course of 2022, daysoft, the inventor of the single use contact lens, underwent a digital brand and architecture transformation with some truly remarkable results, including better than ever customer lifetime value and conversion rates. In November 2023, daysoft’s site was declared Subscription Website of the Year in the UK eCommerce Awards

“We believe the team at Swanky have created slick, modern, statement branding for us that has longevity and translates easily across our websites, packaging and promotional materials; a much softer colour palette but importantly still with an unmistakable nod to our heritage colours and brand origins.”
Alan Ralph, daysoft CEO

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Case Studies

Here are insights into how some of the brands we’ve helped to create, mature and evolve have gone on to bigger and better stories.

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