Why migrate from PrestaShop to Shopify?

Self-hosted ecommerce platform PrestaShop is a popular choice for small and large retailers worldwide. As an open source solution, it offers users complete autonomy over how to design and build their ecommerce websites.

However, with hosting fees to contend with, a lack of integrated security to consider, and a platform that often relies on advanced technical expertise, it’s not uncommon for PrestaShop users to look to alternative ecommerce platforms.

For ecommerce teams looking for a more agile, less labour-intensive commerce solution, with more integrated features and reduced total cost of ownership, comprehensive Saas platform Shopify Plus is an attractive and viable option.

Here are just a few of the areas in which Shopify excels:

  • Hosting included – Shopify’s fast and reliable hosting comes as standard, which means that retailers don’t have to worry about sourcing and paying for their own hosting (which can often be unreliable during times of high traffic).
  • OOTB security – Unlike PrestaShop, Shopify comes with a free SSL certificate, automatic security updates and 24/7 monitoring.
  • User-friendly store builder – Shopify’s intuitive drag-and-drop store creator doesn’t rely on technical expertise, which makes it easy for retailers to stay agile and quickly respond to new customer behaviour and tech trends.
  • Free access to sales channels – Shopify enables retailers to sell effortlessly across multiple sales channels thanks to seamless integrations with social platforms and marketplaces – and all at no extra cost.
  • Built-in payments processor – Shopify’s native payments processor, Shopify Payments, allows retailers to avoid fees associated with third-party processors. PrestaShop users, however, do not have the luxury of choice, with no option but to pay for third-parties.

Whilst ecommerce platform suitability depends on your brand’s needs and goals, we champion Shopify Plus as the most affordable, flexible and scalable solution for innovative brands wanting to grow at pace.


Frank Gosdschan, General Manager at Veneta Blinds

We had previously used PrestaShop which became more and more cumbersome to maintain and limiting to the needs of our business. Shopify has automated many of the manual processes that we previously encountered and provides a wonderful reporting structure for us to work from.


How we migrate your site to Shopify

We’ve been migrating ecommerce websites to Shopify for over a decade, which means we have the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the complexities that replatforming can bring. Our tried and tested migration process has been designed and refined to ensure a seamless transition to Shopify.

Discovery & analysis

We kick things off by analysing your PrestaShop site, your existing tech stack and any bespoke development work already in place. Our technical specialists will consult on how this can be achieved on the Shopify platform, scoping out requirements for the project. Meanwhile, our design team will complete ‘look and feel’ concepts for your new online store.

Page template design

Next, we’ll combine our knowledge of UX/UI trends and consumer behaviour with insights from the discovery phase to create beautiful and impactful page template designs.

Third party integrations

Our in-house development team has significant experience in app configuration and systems integrations. We regularly leverage custom middleware development or integration tools to configure ERP and OMS systems, CRM solutions and customer service platforms.

Product data setup and import

Your dedicated project team, led by an experienced Project Manager, will export your product data from PrestaShop and rework it into a format that is configured correctly for Shopify. It will then be ready to import into your new platform.

Shopify Plus store development

Over to our developers again – this time to code a high-performance Shopify site. If there’s any bespoke development work in scope, we’ll get to work on that too.

Order & customer data import

Your order and customer data will be exported from PrestaShop and then imported into Shopify.


Our QA team will test your new website according to the functional specification set out in the original brief. The site will also undergo a period of user acceptance testing against business requirements.

Training & support

Our Shopify Plus Experts can provide training on core Shopify Plus functionality, supporting your ecommerce team ready for the launch of your new website.

Frank Gosdschan, General Manager at Veneta Blinds

The team from Swanky were here for the launch and when they announced we were going live I/we were expecting something to go ‘pop’ … well it didn’t … we simply had a very smooth and easy transition.


Shopify migration case studies

Find out more about the brands we’ve already migrated to Shopify Plus, including previous PrestaShop retailer Veneta Blinds.


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