Why migrate from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus?

All-in-one ecommerce platform Visualsoft offers retailers a feature-rich solution for building and growing their businesses. It has a small market share, with particular popularity in the north of the UK. Unusually, Visualsoft provides both an ecommerce platform solution and a digital agency to deliver solutions on their platform.

Whilst it represents an appropriate ecommerce solution for some brands, namely smaller businesses looking to build an online foundation, the number of retailers looking to migrate from Visualsoft is accelerating.

The initial appeal of Visualsoft – its ‘all-in-one’ offering – is typically the very thing that frustrates retailers using the platform. Issues typically include a limited ability to customise, difficulties rolling out simple on-site changes, weak technical support, lack of flexibility or control over SEO, and the absence of a strong third-party app and partner ecosystem. A key part of Visualsoft’s value proposition is that it is built by marketers, but unfortunately the marketing tools available to its users are far less effective than those available to retailers building with Shopify.

Together, these issues can result in users feeling hamstrung by the Visualsoft platform and unable to innovate or grow.

For Visualsoft retailers looking for a more agile solution that can enable and expedite growth, Shopify is generally the default destination with a number of excellent use-cases demonstrating the value of replatforming.

Here are just a few of the key aspects of Shopify’s value proposition:

  • Responsive and agile – Shopify’s intuitive drag-and-drop store builder doesn’t rely on technical expertise, which makes it easy for retailers to stay agile and quickly roll out new website features.
  • Empowers growth and creativity – Retailers have more time to strategise and focus on creative revenue generation, rather than fire fighting back-end issues and chasing up on maintenance.
  • Excellent time-to-value – Quick implementation times on Shopify mean that retailers typically see a return on their initial investment significantly faster than on other platforms.
  • Marketing-leading app ecosystem – A unique aspect of Shopify’s offering is the expansive ecosystem of apps and pre-built integrations that users have access to. The 8,000+ rigorously tested apps open up countless opportunities for brands to improve the customer experience and streamline back-end operations.
  • Wealth of expert support available – Shopify’s team of experts is available 24/7 to provide detailed technical support and problem solving.
  • High performance checkout – Shop Pay is the fastest, highest-converting checkout on the internet.
  • Innovative development roadmap – Shopify is constantly releasing new features and functionality, thanks to the efforts of a large team of developers working exclusively on product development.
  • Enterprise-grade performance – Shopify is famous for being able to handle over 10,000 checkouts per minute, along with its 99.98% average uptime.



The ecommerce migration process

Whilst replatforming can initially be a daunting prospect for your ecommerce team, we’ve migrated enough websites to Shopify to know the secrets to a successful transition. You can rely on our team of world-leading experts to smoothly and securely migrate your store from Visualsoft, adeptly navigating any complexities that may arise along the way.

Discovery & analysis

Once we’ve analysed your Visualsoft site, your existing tech stack and any international requirements, we’ll scope out your migration to Shopify and consult on any bespoke development needed. Our design team will complete ‘look and feel’ concepts for your new online store.

Page template design

In this phase of the migration process, we transform the approved design concepts into fully fledged template designs, combining insights from the discovery phase with UX best practices and our knowledge of consumer psychology.

Third party integrations

Over to our technical specialists to leverage their experience in app configuration and systems integrations. They are skilled in custom middleware development, and also have significant experience using integration tools like Patchworks.

Product data setup & import

We will export your product data from Visualsoft and configure it for Shopify. It will then be ready to import into your new platform.

Shopify Plus store development

Our in-house development team will build a high-performance Shopify site, including any custom development work required as part of the initial migration project.

Order & customer data import

Your Swanky Project Manager will lead on the export and import of order and customer details, accounting for any differences in how data is structured on Visualsoft vs. on Shopify.


Your new website will be tested thoroughly by our QA team against the functional specification. It will also undergo a crucial period of user acceptance testing.

Training & support

Having worked on the Shopify platform for over a decade, we’re perfectly positioned to provide training on core functionality and support your ecommerce team as your new store goes live.

Hugo von Halle, Director of Finance & Operations at Olivia von Halle

Everything went according to plan. It was a real relief to have it all done on time. Swanky were very good at laying out the plan of action, with what needed to happen and when. It was really straightforward.


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