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Case Study: Jewellery Brand Daisy London Flourishes After Migrating to Shopify Plus

With Magento 1’s end-of-life looming, jewellery brand Daisy London enlisted our help to migrate to Shopify Plus. Read all about their fresh new store and the huge growth they’ve seen in revenue!

Written By
Hannah Smiddy

This summer, Swanky’s ecommerce experts migrated fashion jewellery retailer Daisy London from Magento 1 to Shopify Plus. Since making the switch, business is blooming more than ever, with a 140% increase in year-on-year revenue.

In this case study, we’ll find out what challenges Daisy were facing on their Magento store, how Swanky helped, and what impact their stunning new site has had so far.

Brand overview

British jewellery brand Daisy has quickly blossomed to cult status thanks to its distinct fusion of bohemian style and wearable, contemporary design. Embodied by an unmistakable spirit of adventure and empowerment, each Daisy piece represents a beautiful mix of meaning, style and quality. 

The challenge

Faced with support for their Magento 1 site ending in a matter of months, the Daisy team knew it was time to upgrade their ecommerce tech stack, starting with a change in platform. 

Inspired by the beautiful Shopify Plus store we created for luxury fashion retailer Olivia von Halle, they reached out to Swanky to see if we could work our magic on their ecommerce site too. 

How Swanky helped

We replatformed Daisy from Magento 1 to Shopify Plus, with their new store launching at the beginning of July 2020.

As well as migrating them to a new platform, we also refined some elements of their branding to better communicate Daisy’s unique story and values.

Let’s find out a bit more about the design of their new ecommerce website from Swanky’s Creative Director, Matt Giles.

A fresh new look

“At the heart of Daisy London lies a zest for life, a love of adventure and a sense that we’re all part of something much bigger,” explains Matt.

“With this in mind, we wanted to create an expansive and immersive site experience, bringing the user into a brand story that transcends and connects on much more than a transactional level, yet delivers perfectly into great commercial user experience.

The site provides a truly memorable customer browsing experience, to go with the emotive, meaningful nature of the products.

In-keeping with the key values of the brand, we followed the themes of elegance, creativity and natural beauty. We worked with the Daisy team to refine their use of fonts and colours, creating a sense of approachable, warm-hearted elegance that allows customers to ‘aspire and acquire’ at the same time.”

Discussing the site’s beautiful use of imagery, Matt said:

“Daisy is a brand that’s ready and willing to embrace and celebrate the diversity of their fanbase with amazing imagery, but their previous site didn’t use imagery to its fullest potential. Their new store allows the user to truly experience the brand thanks to much more varied and widespread use of the wonderful imagery in Daisy’s portfolio.

For instance, we used image-centric navigation throughout the site, creating a sense of authenticity and inspiring users on their journey.

Plus, on product and collection pages, we increased the image sizes to really showcase the beautiful detail of their jewellery (and all whilst maintaining an incredible page-load performance!).

Their new store also embraces user generated imagery, which creates a real sense of sisterhood and togetherness.”

The results

When you compare key behavioural and ecommerce metrics during the eight weeks post-launch with the same period in 2019, you can see that Daisy is flourishing on its new home on Shopify Plus:

  • Year-on-year revenue has increased by 140% and revenue per user is up by 43%.
  • There were 136% more transactions on the site.
  • Conversion rate has increased by 35%.
  • There were 68% more users recorded, with visitors spending more time on the site (average session duration increased by 28%) and viewing more unique pages in each visit (unique page views per session are up 51%).

Migrate to Shopify Plus with Swanky

Feeling thwarted by your current online retail platform? Ready to unlock your full ecommerce potential? Talk to our team today to find out if Shopify Plus is the right solution to take your ecommerce business to the next level. With a decade of experience behind us, we’re well placed to provide honest, expert digital consultancy when it comes to choosing the right ecommerce platform for you.

Plus, we have particular expertise in jewellery website design and development, leveraging our extensive knowledge of jewellery commerce to design and build exquisite, immersive online experiences that dazzle your customers.

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