Why migrate from SuiteCommerce to Shopify Plus?

SuiteCommerce (NetSuite’s cloud-based ecommerce solution) and Shopify are both high-performance, full-featured SaaS platforms. However, there are a number of reasons why brands are choosing to migrate from SuiteCommerce to Shopify Plus.

Frequent frustrations for brands using SuiteCommerce include the challenging internal maintenance required, spiralling costs, and a restrictive app ecosystem. Users typically speak of SuiteCommerce’s inflexibility, with changes taking a long time to implement and product development occurring at a slow pace.

Together, these challenges can quickly start to hamstring a business’ growth and lead to a buildup of technical debt.

SuiteCommerce brands are increasingly finding success on Shopify Plus, a platform built with agility and scalability at its core. Some of the most appealing features of Shopify for SuiteCommerce retailers include:

  • Product innovation – With a large and dedicated team of developers working exclusively on product development, Shopify is constantly releasing new functionality, enabling brands to expand and innovate at pace.
  • Ease of use – Retailers can respond rapidly to changing consumer trends and shifting business needs, deploying new features without the need for technical support.
  • Advanced B2B functionality – Whilst SuiteCommerce has traditionally excelled in the provision of B2B ecommerce solutions, Shopify Plus’ B2B offering has evolved rapidly into a highly performant alternative. Now, B2B retailers on Shopify Plus can enjoy all the acclaimed features of Shopify’s market-leading DTC offering, with powerful functionality that will enable them to scale at pace.
  • High-performance checkout – Shop Pay is the best-converting checkout on the internet.
  • Rich ecosystem of apps and integrations – There are more than 8,000 apps available for Shopify retailers to make customisations to their online stores, all of which undergo a rigorous review process prior to release.

These features make Shopify Plus the platform of choice for huge international brands including the likes of Gymshark, Polaroid and Kylie Cosmetics.

For SuiteCommerce brands who use NetSuite’s ERP software, a common hesitation when considering a migration to Shopify is losing the seamless integration between their ecommerce and ERP solutions.

However, this needn’t be a cause for concern if you’re thinking about replatforming, as there are a number of pre-built connectors that mean your Shopify store can quickly and easily integrate with NetSuite (including, amongst others, a solution developed by Oracle NetSuite). At Swanky, our technical specialists have significant experience handling this connection with the NetSuite ERP (and many others).

Ultimately, whether you’re a DTC or B2B retailer, a migration from SuiteCommerce to Shopify Plus could signal the beginning of a transformative period of growth.



Our SuiteCommerce to Shopify migration process

Whilst the initial thought of an ecommerce migration can sometimes be daunting, you can be confident that your store, your data and your search rankings are in safe hands with Swanky. Our certified Shopify Plus Experts have years of experience replatforming online stores to Shopify from a variety of ecommerce platforms. We’ve developed a tried and tested migration process to ensure a seamless, risk-mitigated transition for our clients.

Discovery phase

We’ll examine your existing SuiteCommerce setup and provide consultation about what this could look like on Shopify. Our Data & Analytics team will also analyse your site’s performance to inform future decision making, whilst our experienced UX designers will create look and feel concepts.

UX design

During this stage, we’ll combine learnings from the discovery phase with our understanding of consumer psychology and user experience to design templates for each of your required pages.

Tech stack configuration

Our technical team is well-versed in the implementation of third party platforms and apps with Shopify. We often leverage custom middleware development or integration tools like Patchworks to configure things like ERP systems (including NetSuite), CRM platforms, and customer service solutions.

Importing product data

We’ll export your product data from SuiteCommerce and ensure it’s configured into a Shopify-friendly format ready for importing.

Shopify Plus store development

Our industry-leading Shopify Plus developers will code a high-performance website, complete with any bespoke development work scoped out in the discovery phase. If you have subscriber data that needs migrating to Shopify, we can take care of this whilst helping you to manage communication with your subscribers.

Importing order & customer data

Your Swanky project team will export order and customer data from SuiteCommerce, reworking it into a Shopify-friendly format for the import process to take place. We’ve had significant experience organising and completing data migrations, so can confidently navigate any challenges that may arise.

Website testing & Shopify training

Your Shopify site will undergo detailed testing by our QA specialists. Meanwhile, we will provide training in core Shopify Plus functionality to ensure you’re confident about the launch of your new ecommerce store.

Client user acceptance testing

Your new store will be ready to go live once a period of client user acceptance testing has been completed.

Hugo von Halle, Director of Finance & Operations at Olivia von Halle

Everything went according to plan. It was a real relief to have it all done on time. Swanky were very good at laying out the plan of action, with what needed to happen and when. It was really straightforward.


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