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Our Personalisation Service

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put the right product in front of the right person at the right time? In short summary, that’s personalisation. When done well, personalisation improves your conversion rate, your average order value and – at the heart of everything – your profit margin, giving you the highest return on investment possible for your marketing spend. As well as delivering almost instant results across these core metrics, personalisation also improves your customer experience, increasing your long-term customer retention and customer lifetime value.

At Swanky, we take a strong data-led approach to ecommerce personalisation. We start by strategically analysing your customer base, your products and your audience’s preferred marketing channels. From there, we use the latest and best technology to build actionable customer segments for increasing your revenue. We are proud to partner with Dynamic Yield – the best tool for personalisation on the net – to drive customer engagement across your website, email and other marketing channels. With the perfect tools, experience and expertise to improve the way your customers and your store interact, Swanky’s full-stack personalisation service is the conversion rate booster your business is looking for.

Our Personalisation Process


Step 1.
Strategic Consultation

We begin with a phone call to to better understand your company’s needs and goals and get a sense of how your business is currently performing.


Step 2.
Audience Analysis

Effective personalisation starts with identifying the audience you are personalising for. In addition to investigating your traffic analytics, we will typically use customer surveying and heat-mapping tools to analyse the way users are interacting with your website. From this data, we will identify key customer trust opportunities or problems with the user journey that we can address using personalisation.


Step 3.
Hypothesis Development

Our skilled and successful strategy team will then define clear hypotheses and establish the changes we plan to implement to encourage more of your customers to convert.


Step 4.

We will design and quality assess our personalisation experiment. After we have confidently established its value, we’ll then begin implementing it across your store.


Step 5.
Testing & Review

As part of our ongoing process, we will continue to analyse and review our experimentation and how it impacts your store’s performance. We will regularly report our findings to you and discuss strategic tactics for new markets, products and marketing channels. We learn as we go, providing feedback to your business every step of the way in order to help you constantly evolve, adapt and improve upon the way you manage your store.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does our personalisation services entail?

Personalisation is a very broad service which can range from targeting your marketing efforts to a specific audience to addressing key issues that people from a certain region or age group have with a website (such as high shipping costs for people living in remote areas). Personalisation can also involve targeting customer bases in different locations experiencing different weather at a specific time. For example, four-season clothing businesses who are only selling their Summer items for full price to customers in their area could also sell their Winter clothing at full rate into other regions by personalising their customer experience.

This makes our personalisation service especially ideal for brands trying to break out into new regions or go international. You no longer have to manage separate stores for each region; you can simply run one storefront and automatically direct all of your customers to the right products for them. As part of Swanky’s personalisation service, you will get audience analysis, strategic consultancy, personalisation development and ongoing support. We will also help you expand the service out from just your website design and layout into your marketing and acquisition channels, improving your return on your ad spend and marketing investment.  

What are the advantages of investing in personalisation for my brand?

When it comes to marketing your products to your customers, the ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn’t cut it any more. Catering your advertising to your customers as individuals will put you ahead of the competition and allow you to reap the best results in terms of driving customer engagement and increasing sales. This improved customer experience will also enhance your average customer lifetime value and long-term customer retention. This means you won’t have to spend as much time – or money – bringing new customers in, as your existing customers will be more likely to buy from your website when the right products are strategically put in front of them from the start.

With personalisation, the money you do choose to invest in marketing and acquiring new clients will also be returned to you at a higher rate. This is because by increasing your conversion rate through personalisation, you’re also increasing the value of your business’ advertisements online. Lastly, if you’re looking to take your brand global, another key advantage of enlisting help with your store’s personalisation is that you can expand your business into a wider and more international customer base by honing in on different regions specifically.

Why should Swanky be my personalisation agency of choice?

As Shopify Plus Experts, our friendly team has extensive ecommerce experience consulting to established industry leaders – some of whom turn over more than £170 million annually. By combining our years of experience, ecommerce expertise and knowledge of the latest testing tools, we have proven that we can reliably turn our client’s traffic into converting customers using only the best conversion rate optimisation and personalisation techniques.


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