Create tailored online interactions that exceed your customers’ expectations and make a lasting impact.


Unlock the power of personalisation and watch your conversion rate, average order value, and, most importantly, profit margin reach new heights.

When executed effectively, ecommerce personalisation offers substantial rewards. Not only does it give core metrics a boost, it can help merchants deliver intricately tailored shopping experiences that make customers feel understood and valued, thereby increasing long-term customer retention and customer lifetime value. These benefits to the consumer translate into significant commercial benefits for your bottom line, giving you the highest return on investment possible for your marketing spend.

At Swanky, we take a data-led approach to ecommerce personalisation. We use the latest and best technology to build actionable customer segments and drive engagement across all your marketing channels. With the tools, experience and expertise to improve the way your customers and your store interact, our full-stack personalisation service is the conversion rate booster your business is looking for.


Unlock the Power of Personalisation

Working in alignment with your ecommerce team and our esteemed tech partners, Swanky’s Growth Accelerator team will create a personalised online experience that your customers can’t resist.


Technology That Makes Ecommerce Happen

We handpick partners who can help us and our clients create innovative online stores, powered by industry-leading ecommerce technology.

Drive results with a personalised ecommerce experience.

Experience Optimisation platform Dynamic Yield enables brands to quickly build and test personalised, optimised and synchronised digital customer experiences. Hundreds of the world’s biggest brand names, including IKEA, Ocado and Sephora, use Dynamic Yield to drive revenue and accelerate their growth at pace. Key platform capabilities include customer data management, personalisation and targeting, behavioural messaging and A/B testing.

Other Personalisation Partners

  • Nosto

  • Webtrends Optimize

  • Kameleoon

  • JustUno

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