Loyalty Programs

Level up your customer experience with bespoke, data-driven loyalty schemes.


Struggling with customer retention? Want to get better value for money out of your customer acquisition budget? Let's talk loyalty.

Loyalty programs are a long-term marketing effort which nurture your brand’s relationship with your customers, providing incentives to purchase by rewarding those who consistently shop at your store. By investing in a loyalty program, you can encourage more of your customers to buy more of your products more often. The result? Boosting the metrics that matter.

By understanding your business, getting to know your customers, and partering with the best tech partners in the ecosystem, we can design and implement winning brand loyalty programs that increase customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value, generating a higher return on your marketing spend. From loyalty program design and strategy, to ongoing optimisation and testing, our specialists are well versed in all aspects of ecommerce loyalty.


Case Studies

Successful loyalty programs by Swanky.


Creating Your Loyalty Program

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ecommerce loyalty programs. Guided by data every step of the way, we’ll tailor your loyalty scheme to your business’ unique needs and goals.


Technology That Makes Ecommerce Happen

We handpick partners who can help us and our clients create innovative online stores, powered by industry-leading ecommerce technology. When it comes to creating and managing effective loyalty programs, we’re loyal to one solution.

Drive growth through long-lasting, profitable customer relationships.

LoyaltyLion is an award-winning customer engagement and loyalty platform trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce brands worldwide. It allows you to directly engage with your customer base through meaningful loyalty interactions, keeping shoppers coming back for more with flexible rewards, advantage points and VIP offers. This significantly increases engagement and drives growth, helping brands to increase their profitability, reduce the money they spend on customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value.

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