Why migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus?

Like BigCommerce, Shopify is a modern SaaS-based ecommerce platform providing a ready-hosted solution which is highly flexible and scalable. However, there are a number of reasons why brands are actively migrating from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus.

Typical frustrations for brands using BigCommerce include the need for significant third-party developer support, a limited app ecosystem, and difficulties making changes to themes and functionality.

In their search for an ecommerce platform that’s slicker, more user-friendly and easier to innovate on, with more integrations available, BigCommerce merchants often find success on Shopify.

With its diverse ecosystem of apps, powerful native features and high-performance checkout, Shopify is the solution of choice for millions of merchants worldwide. It allows users to stay agile, easily making changes themselves in minutes rather than outsourcing to costly developers.

Other important advantages of Shopify Plus over BigCommerce include:

  • Pricing – Shopify’s pricing model is more transparent, and generally considered to deliver lower total-cost-of-ownership.
  • Payments – Shopify’s native payments solution is advertised as the highest-converting checkout on the market.
  • Product roadmap – Shopify’s R&D budget and product roadmap far exceed BigCommerce’s, with both native OOTB and third party ecosystem-developed functionality accelerating at greater pace than any other enterprise ecommerce platform.
  • B2B, SEO and API calls – all have traditionally been held up as weaknesses of Shopify’s offering, but are now widely considered to be market-leading strengths.

The evolution of Shopify Plus’ B2B offering is particularly compelling for BigCommerce merchants, having undergone a significant upgrade in 2022. Traditionally, this has been a point of difference between the two platforms (in favour of BigCommerce). Now, B2B retailers can enjoy all the hallmark benefits of Shopify’s market-leading DTC offering, with powerful functionality that will enable them to scale at pace (either through fully-integrated B2B functionality on the DTC store, or by having a separate B2B store).

Whether you’re selling DTC or B2B, a migration from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus could mark the start of an exhilarating period of growth for your business. Recent migrations have increased conversion rates, expanded functionality, improved SEO rankings and reduced total cost of ownership.



Our BigCommerce to Shopify migration process

We understand that the prospect of an ecommerce migration can be particularly daunting. You might be worried about squandering your search rankings, or concerned about the security of your data during replatforming. With our tried and tested migration process, honed over more than a decade, we ensure a seamless, risk-mitigated replatforming from BigCommerce to Shopify.

Discovery phase

This first stage is all about examining your existing ecommerce setup – your tech stack, international selling functionality, custom development features – and scoping out what that could look like on Shopify. We’ll also analyse your website performance to help inform our decision making in future phases.

UX design

Next, our design team will create designs for all your required page templates. We’ll combine insights from the discovery phase with our rich understanding of consumer behaviour and unbound creativity to connect with your customers and maximise conversions.

Tech stack configuration

As a leading Shopify Plus development agency, we have long-standing expertise in the implementation of third party platforms and apps with Shopify. We often leverage custom middleware development or other integration tools to configure things like ERP and OMS systems, CRM platforms, and customer service solutions.

Importing product data

With your dedicated Swanky Project Manager leading the way, your product data will be exported and then configured into a Shopify-friendly format. Once ready, we will import it into your new ecommerce platform.

Shopify Plus store development

In this phase of the project, our technical specialists will collaborate to build your Shopify website. This will include any bespoke development work in scope. If applicable, we’ll handle any subscription and payment gateway migrations during this stage, helping you to manage communication with your subscribers.

Importing order & customer data

We will export any order and customer data from BigCommerce, reworking it into a format that aligns with Shopify’s requirements. It will then be ready to import into Shopify. Our significant experience in ecommerce replatforming means that we’re confident in navigating any complexities that may arise in the data migration process.

Website testing & Shopify training

Whilst our in-house QA specialists test your website in line with functional specifications, other members of your Swanky project team will provide training in core Shopify Plus functionality to ensure you’re confident about launching your new website.

Client user acceptance testing

Upon completion of a final period of testing, it’s time to release your new ecommerce website into the wild.

Hugo von Halle, Director of Finance & Operations at Olivia von Halle

Everything went according to plan. It was a real relief to have it all done on time. Swanky were very good at laying out the plan of action, with what needed to happen and when. It was really straightforward.


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