Conversion Rate Optimisation Increase your store’s conversion rate.

Our CRO Service

Do you have a beautiful store design, great technology and plenty of traffic – but disappointing sales figures? Our conversion rate optimisation campaigns result in your store visitors buying more products, more often. Unlike most CRO experts, we conduct all campaign consultation, analysis, built, testing and deployment in-house. This speeds up results and reduces costs for you – the results can be startling and often pay for themselves within weeks.

Our team has extensive ecommerce experience consulting to established industry leaders turning over in excess of £170 million pounds annually. By combining our experience, deep technical and analytic insight, and the latest split testing tools, we reliably turn our client’s traffic into converting customers through Conversion Rate Optimisation. We build high ranking, high conversion websites. We also make existing websites convert better. It’s that simple!

Our CRO Process


Step 1.
Brief and Consultation

We define objectives, strategic goals and how to measure success.


Step 2.
Analytics Period

We use traffic analytics, customer surveying and on-page analytics to identify what’s holding your website back.


Step 3.
Hypotheses Development

Our skilled and successful strategy team define core issues and hypotheses for the testing programme.


Step 4.
Prioritising Testing Programme

We create a prioritised testing schedule based on commercial value as well as the ability to quickly see results.


Step 5.
Begin Testing

Having prioritised and scheduled our programme, we’ll begin the iterative testing process.

Why optimise?

Simply put – because it creates the highest return of any marketing activity. It is not uncommon to double revenues with a few months of work. Optimisation is a competitive advantage for you, as the skill set is still relatively new to marketing, so your competitors may not have taken advantage of this service yet. Optimisation also settles any potential design debates with hard numbers and improves efficiency. It thereby prevents back-and-forth debates, allowing you to execute on any marketing campaigns or website updates more quickly.

Optimisation is also cross-functional in nature. It brings people from many different departments together at one table with your team at the head, creating an engaging culture for idea sharing.


How do we do it?

We find out what your customers want and we make sure they get it! We are experts in what we do but (unlike many other experts), we won’t pretend to have all the answers. We do know the right questions to ask. Once we’ve identified your potential customers’ key issues, we develop hypotheses to test and then move quickly through an iterative testing programme to find not just an answer, but the best answer to your customers’ needs. Happy customers convert.

  • Scientific Approach
  • Data-Driven Hypotheses
  • Strategic Goals
  • Using the Latest Technology
  • Providing Rapid Results
  • Defining and Addressing Customer Intent


Why choose Swanky for your digital strategy?

Swanky are a Shopify Plus Expert with six years ecommerce experience consulting, designing, building and deploying sector leading ecommerce stores. Within two years of launch, online start-ups we’ve consulted to and built for are receiving 300k+ unique visits per month each and are cumulatively turning over in excess of £20 million per annum.

With a breadth of experience working across a range of e-commerce systems and sectors, from FMCG to niche retail markets, B2B, B2C and Media companies, we’re used to generating results for businesses with diverse and unusual core propositions. We use the latest technology, have our own in-house graphic design, development and strategy teams – providing you with a one-stop shop of all the resources you need for an effective, rapid return generating, conversion rate optimisation programme.


We are humans

If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

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