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Why migrate from OpenCart to Shopify?

OpenCart is a popular ecommerce solution for small to medium-sized businesses, known for its multiple stores’ management system along with its comprehensive and user-friendly interface.

With OpenCart, users can freely access and modify source code to control and customise their website. However, this requires a high level of technical knowledge and coding skills, leaving brands beholden to third party developers to implement even small changes to their store.

In contrast, Shopify is a hosted platform, with an intuitive theme editor that gives owners control over their store. Updates and improvements can be easily rolled out, and backend management is simple to use, whilst functionality can be enhanced by a large range of third-party apps. 

Recognised as a ‘Leader’ in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce, Shopify is the destination of choice for OpenCart users seeking a more innovative, responsive solution.

Designed to empower retailers and accelerate growth with its intuitive, scalable solution, Shopify has a compelling value proposition:

  • Higher conversionsShopify Plus boasts the fastest, highest-converting checkout on the internet. Shopify’s overall conversion rate outpaces the competition by up to 36% and by an average of 15%.[1]
  • Increased agility – Whilst updating OpenCart requires development expertise, Shopify brands can swiftly respond to market trends and changes in customer behaviour thanks to Shopify’s intuitive drag-and-drop store builder, enabling quick and easy rollout of new website features.
  • Extensive app ecosystem – Like OpenCart, Shopify users have access to an expansive network of rigorously tested third-party apps and integrations, providing countless opportunities to enhance the experience for both consumers and staff. With rapid, plug-and-play solutions, you can quickly and easily bring new functionality to your store.
  • Fuels growth and creativity – Retailers can allocate more time and budget to improving their brand and customer experience instead of dealing with back-end IT issues and maintenance. Shopify’s extensive and capable partner ecosystem supports rapid deployment of both functionality and creative innovation.
  • Security – As a hosted platform, Shopify handles all the security for your store, and is PCI level 1 compliant for credit card processing. Its fraud detection system helps you to flag potentially fraudulent orders so you can review them before processing.
  • Enterprise-grade performanceShopify is renowned for handling over 10,000 checkouts per minute, along with maintaining a 99.98% average uptime.


RC Geeks’ migration from OpenCart to Shopify Plus results in a boost in key metrics

Remote control product retailer RC Geeks needed a faster, more flexible ecommerce platform. Swanky helped them to migrate their store from OpenCart to Shopify,  resulting in a number of benefits, including:

  • A 14% increase in conversion rate.
  • 70% more transactions on their store.
  • A 43% increase in the number of daily site visits.
  • A 22% increase in session duration.

Our team implemented numerous improvements to RC Geeks’ store, including merchandising their blog and improving product pages, and simplifying the purchasing process for spare parts.

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What to expect from an ecommerce migration with Swanky

Thanks to our 14 years of experience in replatforming brands to Shopify, our team ensures a smooth and secure migration of your store from OpenCart.


Our detailed discovery phase allows us to evaluate your current technical setup and provide consultation for any custom work needed. Following this, our in-house UX design experts will create ‘look and feel’ concepts for your new Shopify store.

Page template design

We will then transform the approved design concepts into comprehensive template designs, integrating insights from the discovery phase with best practices and commercial expertise.

Third-party integrations

If third-party integrations are required, our technical team will utilise their experience with middleware development and integration tools to ensure seamless connections.

Product data setup & import

Guided by your dedicated Swanky Project Manager, we will export your product data from OpenCart and configure it for Shopify.

Shopify Plus store development

This is the point at which we develop your Shopify website, including any custom development work agreed upon during the scoping phase.

Order & customer data import

Next we will export, configure, and import order and customer details, ensuring compatibility with Shopify’s data structure.


Our in-house QA team will conduct thorough testing of your Shopify website, and we will facilitate a critical period of user acceptance testing with your team.

Training & support

As certified Shopify Plus Partners, we are well-equipped to provide training on core functionalities for your ecommerce team.


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Contact us about migrating from OpenCart to Shopify Plus.

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