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Our Growth Accelerator Service

Are you struggling to come up with a strong and efficient growth strategy to expand and scale your business? We’ve created the Growth Accelerator scheme to help ecommerce managers just like you. Our Growth Accelerator plan is a simple yet highly effective way of evaluating the online performance and opportunities of your business, leaving you with a broad understanding of how to sustainably grow your store and reach your ecommerce sales targets. When you sign up to our Growth Accelerator program, you will be working alongside our friendly and experienced team of ecommerce experts over an agreed period of time.

By combining their years of experience, technical expertise and knowledge of the latest and best technology, our consultants will start by making a holistic assessment of your existing store, your customer base and your current business performance. They will then recommend to you a mix of strategic actions tailored specifically to your brand, which will work to boost your revenue and deliver real results in both the short and the longer term. Your results will progress over time, with Swanky’s consultants helping you plant the right seeds for impressive and sustainable revenue growth.

The Program Process


Step 1

We will review your marketing analytics and evaluate your website technology tool-kit for optimal performance. Setting up a holistic performance snapshot in order to analyse your website, identify key areas for improvement and prioritise our efforts to help you reach your sales targets. There will be a client sign-off on tool/app recommendations and strategic marketing directions.


Step 2

We optimise your store for the launch of the Growth Accelerator plan by implementing marketing tool-kit updates and configuring tweaks. We then design and develop any required complementary marketing assets. For clients, there will be a sign-off stage for marketing assets, updates and changes. We then begin implementing the prioritised marketing efforts that comprise your custom Growth Accelerator plan.


Step 3

At this stage, we will evaluate the performance of all implemented marketing tactics. We then adjust and re-prioritise our marketing efforts based on learnings, as well as recommending potential additional tools and strategies which may come of interest to you in future as your business continues to expand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get when I sign up?

You will receive 3 months of ongoing support, detailed advice and careful guidance from leading industry experts and a full step-by-step list of marketing strategies which our team will also help you to seamlessly implement.

From start to end, you can rely on our team of digital experts to get to know and understand your business’ needs and goals – and to help get your brand to exactly where you want it to be.


What will it do for my business?

In short, the Growth Accelerator plan will generate a huge return on investment for your marketing span. By implementing new marketing strategies, tools and website changes aimed directly at engaging your customer base, we will help you attract more of the right people to your website and encourage them to purchase more products more frequently. In turn, you will experience a significant increase in your customer loyalty, your average order value and – at the heart of it all – your revenue.


Why should Swanky be my agency?

As Shopify Plus Experts, we’ve spent 8 years working with successful brands of all sizes from a range of different sectors – and have helped them to turn over more than £170 million annually. As experts in ecommerce website marketing, conversion rate marketing and using Google Analytics to review and optimise multiple Shopify websites for success, we are passionate about providing the highest quality marketing services to help online businesses expand and thrive – for a much lower price than most other digital marketing agencies.

We believe our commitment to our clients’ satisfaction and revenue growth is made evident by the results we deliver. To give an example, our advanced marketing expertise and technical know-how has recently led one of our clients to boost their website traffic by 77% in less than a year. We have also been proud to provide marketing guidance for popular enterprise-sized businesses such as Metcalfe’s Skinny and Itsu [Grocery] to keep their sales and customer reach growing day by day.

So, if you are interested in increasing your profitability, levels of customer engagement and generating the highest return possible from your marketing efforts, our Swanky team would be delighted to chat to you about what we can do for your brand.


We are humans

If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

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