Ecommerce Tech Stack Audit

Build a future-proofed tech stack to accelerate your online growth.


When you enlist Swanky to help you build the optimal architecture for your ecommerce site, we’ll load your digital toolbox with all the right systems for online success.

Have you ever seen a Ferrari towing a caravan? We regularly see people moving onto the “ecommerce Ferrari” that is Shopify Plus, yet being held back from achieving their best results as they retain their existing digital ecosystem. Often, this architecture is specifically catered to their older platform so isn’t as well integrated with Shopify Plus - swallowing up valuable time and resources that could be invested elsewhere.

Swanky’s digital experts will provide guidance on all aspects of your store’s technical foundation - from review systems and email marketing platforms, to loyalty solutions and testing tools. We’re very picky when it comes to tech partners: we’ll only ever refer platforms and partners that we have worked with in the past, and that have delivered outstanding results for our clients.


Case Studies

Our Shopify tech stack consultancy has helped accelerate digital growth for established industry leaders.


What a Swanky Tech Review Looks Like

Our approach to tech stack audits is straightforward and jargon-free. Put simply, we’ll work to make sure you have the best tools to match your business’ needs, delivering the highest return on investment possible.

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