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Jennifer Caust Head of Marketing

How can our marketing services help you?

When you’ve put blood, sweat and tears into building your store, there’s nothing worse than seeing low traffic numbers on your dashboard. Or worse, not finding your own company when searching for it on Google! Here at Swanky,  we have worked with ecommerce and web design since its boom, so we understand every detail regarding how to drive traffic to your store – and how to make sure it’s the type of traffic you want. Even if you’re an already established store looking for a bit of a boost in your sales, our marketing team are happy to brainstorm ideas and strategy with you in order to make a sustainable impact on how your customers receive your brand.

Our Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation

At the heart of online success are two key principles: being found and being heard. If people cannot find your website quickly and easily – through search engine results, social media and recommendations – then your organisation will struggle to grow. If people cannot hear your key messages then they are unlikely to be persuaded that your products, services and causes are relevant to them. It doesn't matter how much website traffic you receive if you do..

Want any of these services on retainer?

All our combined end-to-end expertise is available at your disposal when signing up for a retainer service with us. From as little as £1500 per month, our expertise is available (on a Service Level Agreement backed retainer) for 2 days per month. We are also able to offer agreement models including more than 2 days per month.

You’ll benefit from our pro-active account management, including regular reviews of your store as well as prioritised delivery when issues appear. We would love to complement your internal resources as your outsourced ecommerce team! Please contact us to set up a retainer service for your unique requirements.


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