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Ecommerce Spotlight: Customer Engagement with Klaviyo

Today on the blog, Phil Greenwood, Channel Manager at Klaviyo, joins us for the latest instalment of our Ecommerce Spotlight series.

Written By
Hannah Smiddy

Welcome back to another instalment in Swanky’s Ecommerce Spotlight series! Together with our trusty partners, we’re exploring the swankiest features and apps that the Shopify ecosystem has to offer, helping merchants across the land to unlock their ecommerce potential.

Today, we chat to Phil Greenwood, Channel Manager at Klaviyo. How can Klaviyo’s marketing automation features help merchants improve their customer engagement and drive KPIs?

Swanky is a Klaviyo agency partner, helping brands to set-up and optimise their email automations and campaigns to increase conversion and boost revenue.

Klaviyo: a snapshot

A growth marketing platform created for online businesses, Klaviyo enables brands to build real, high-quality customer relationships across all of their owned marketing channels, thus accelerating growth and driving revenue. Users can deploy automated flows to capitalise on purchase opportunities, recapture lost revenue and strengthen customer loyalty at scale. Ecommerce stores that make the move to Klaviyo see an average 67x increase in ROI!

The Klaviyo platform is built on three core pillars: listen, analyse, act

  • Listen – connect to your Shopify store via a single-click integration and pull-in all the data you need to build rich 360º customer profiles.
  • Analyse – identify trends and create segments using behavioural and transactional data.
  • Act – use segments to send relevant, super-targeted marketing campaigns.

That’s just a quick snapshot of Klaviyo – now let’s hand over to Phil!

What is Klaviyo and why is it a good fit for Shopify merchants?


  • Klaviyo is a Boston-based tech company built from the ground up for ecommerce brands that want to grow.
  • We help merchants take advantage of their personal relationships with customers and achieve communication at scale.

What are the benefits of a single customer view?


  • A unique customer view within Klaviyo enables you to track transactional data, on-site engagement, email engagement and more.
  • Merchants can introduce segmentation and automation to communicate with customers based on activity at the unique profile level.

What types of customer data does Klaviyo sync?


  • Klaviyo pulls in transactional histories from your Shopify store (purchases, products viewed etc.), as well as behavioural insights like website engagements.
  • It also syncs data from third-party integrations, social media and advertising platforms.

How does Klaviyo make use of automation to improve communication?


  • Through a process of:
    1. Listening and understanding
    2. Analysing
    3. Communicating
  • Layering in behavioural data points to create a personal experience for each customer.

What are the most popular email flows?


  • A welcome series is the most important to the customer experience. 
  • It is often your first touchpoint with a new relationship where you can start to understand a customer’s interests. 
  • It’s also an interesting opportunity to start asking questions and add information to a customer’s profile so that you can deliver a truly personalised experience.

How does Klaviyo integrate with social media platforms?


  • We take a sophisticated approach where merchants can build segments to serve up relevant, personalised content.

How is Klaviyo priced?


  • We don’t lock clients into long-term contracts – everything is on a month-to-month basis.
  • Pricing is based on active subscribers.
  • Merchants have flexibility and transparency!

What makes Klaviyo better than its competitors?


  • It starts with culture – we want to help our clients grow and really connect with customers at scale. All of Klaviyo’s team members buy into this.
  • Klaviyo was built from the ground up for ecommerce brands, which means we have a great opportunity to really get to know our customers and support their growth in the right way.

What’s your favourite Klaviyo x Shopify case study?


  • Texas-based Shopify Plus store Beardbrand are leveraging Klaviyo in a really unique way.
  • Their relevant, educational content helps to build long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • They’re using Klaviyo to reach out to subscription customers with personal content at the time of replenishment.

How does Klaviyo work with Multi Store?


  • Merchants can have unique accounts for each site they’re managing on the Shopify end.
  • You get visibility into revenue, on-site performance and everything else that is unique across different jurisdictions.

Next under the spotlight

Thank you to Phil for sharing his very valuable insight into Klaviyo and its place in the world of customer engagement.

In the next instalment of our Ecommerce Spotlight series, we catch up with Klarna’s Robert Gibson to find out how the popular payment solution is revolutionising the customer experience.

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