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Everything You Need to Know About Shopify

We’ve been very busy building responsive ecommerce sites for online retailers using Shopify.

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Dan Partridge

Ecommerce is rapidly growing: predicted to grow from $231 billion this year to over $370 billion by 2016 – a 10% annual growth rate. Ecommerce is big business for the commercial heavyweights, but it has also led to a whole new breed of online retailer who can run a small business from their home, with minimal overheads and excellent opportunities for growth – particularly when they host their website with Shopify.

Shopify really is a superb e-commerce platform. Whether you’re a seasoned online retailer or are looking to take your tentative first steps into selling your products online, Shopify gives you everything that you need to create a beautiful, bespoke online store. Powering over 60,000 online stores, Shopify offers store owners total control over their website design, industry-standard payment functionality and the potential to develop their website as the business grows.

Whilst Shopify offers over 100 website templates, we’re working with a number of businesses who want to use the Shopify platform but develop their own web design. It’s a highly functional CMS with everything that you need to monitor your performance, manage your orders and market your business. You can also integrate it with your existing website or store, meaning that it’s a highly cost-effective solution for online retailers.

With mobile users contributing to a rapidly-growing percentage of online retail sales, Shopify is well suited for hosting responsive web design. Built with HTML 5, we’re able to deliver websites which are highly compatible with tablet, iPhone and Android users.

Shopify in 2012: Statistics

Shopify has grown rapidly – from 18,200 at the start of 2012 to 41,910 and already to over 60,000 this year – and established itself as the ecommerce platform of choice for ambitious online retail businesses.

Here are a few statistics about Shopify in 2012:

  • The platform is used by businesses in 101 countries
  • 7.8 million customers placed 9.9 million orders worth $742 million
  • The Shopify blog – a hotbed of advice for business owners looking to market and run their store more effectively – received 2.4 million pageviews

We’ve been recognised by Shopify as ‘experts’; developers with a proven reputation for delivering outstanding website design solutions for ecommerce managers. If you have questions about Shopify or would like to speak to us about your next E-Commerce project we would love to hear from you…

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