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Ecommerce Spotlight: Customer Engagement with dotdigital

In today’s instalment of Ecommerce Spotlight, we chat to Justin Broomes, Strategic Ecommerce Partnerships Manager at dotdigital, for a deep dive into marketing automation and customer engagement.

Written By
Hannah Smiddy

Welcome back to another instalment in Swanky’s Ecommerce Spotlight series! Together with our trusty partners, we’re exploring the swankiest features and apps that the Shopify ecosystem has to offer, helping merchants across the land to unlock their ecommerce potential.

Today, we’re chatting all things customer engagement with Justin Broomes, Partnerships Manager at dotdigital. Before we jump into the Q&A, let’s get some background on what dogdigital is all about:

dotdigital: a snapshot

The dotdigital Engagement Cloud (formerly known as dotmailer) empowers Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants of every vertical to increase their online growth through intelligent, data-driven communications. Omnichannel automation lies at the core of this powerful solution. Merchants can build insightful customer profiles to deliver unique, tailored messages through customers’ favourite channels, wherever they are, on whichever device.

Here are just some of the tools available to dotdigital clients:

  • Campaign tools – including email marketing, SMS marketing, live chat, push notifications, and marketing automation.
  • Optimisation tools – including Facebook and Google Ads, A/B testing and personalisation.
  • Data tools – including integrations, website tracking, segmentation and data migration.
  • Ecommerce tools – including product recommendations and abandoned cart functionality.
  • B2B tools – including lead scoring and abandoned browse functionality.
  • Reporting tools – including campaign, RFM and ROI reporting.

What is the dotdigital Engagement Cloud and why is it a good fit for Shopify merchants?


  • The dotdigital Engagement Cloud is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that turns data into personalised marketing campaigns that drive revenue and engagement.
  • dotdigital integrates to the Shopify platform (with a one-click install through the Shopify app store) and with a number of Shopify partners.

Which marketing channels does dotdigital work across?


  • dotdigital works across a range of digital marketing channels, including email, SMS, Google Ads, social and chat.

What types of customer data does dotdigital sync?


  • dotdigital syncs a wide range of data, including product, order and customer data.
  • Merchants can also integrate offline data.

How can merchants use dotdigital for marketing automation?


  • Merchants can use marketing automation to drive their customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies, which is perfect for small marketing teams with limited resources.

How can dotdigital’s AI improve customer engagement strategy?


  • dotdigital uses send time optimisation to increase email open rates.
  • Merchants can use AI-driven product recommendations to ensure customers receive personalised and relevant content that converts.
  • AI is used in testing to ensure that customers are automatically exposed to the best-performing campaigns.

Why should merchants use marketing campaign tracking software?


  • Merchants can use results from web behaviour tracking to personalise content for customers.
  • Merchants can also track the success of one campaign over another in order to improve performance over time.

What differentiates dotdigital from other marketing automation platforms?


  • dotdigital provides segmentation and automation for entry-level merchants.
  • For mid-level merchants, a differentiating factor is dotdigital’s ease of use and strategy support.
  • For merchants at the top end of the market, dotdigital is much less cumbersome and complex than other large platforms.

How is dotdigital priced?


  • dotdigital is priced in relation to merchants’ needs and requirements, including volume of messages and support required.

Want to know more?

A huge thanks to Justin for telling us more about dotdigital and how it can be used to improve customer engagement. 

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