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Hannah Leary

Marketing22 September 2020

The 3 Most Common Types of Subscription Models (And The Ecommerce Brands That Have Pulled Them Off)

It’s official, the UK is a nation of super-subscribers! Following huge lockdown-fueled growth in the subscription economy, we’re exploring the most common types of subscription...
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Han Dickson

Marketing3 September 2020

Starting a New Job Remotely: The Inside Scoop From Swanky’s Newest Faces

Starting a new job is nerve-racking enough, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic. We’ve spoken to the latest additions to our Swanky family in order to find out what it's...
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Edward Scott-Finnigan

Marketing21 August 2020

6 Tips for Your Ecommerce Brand to Successfully Navigate Black Friday 2020

Today on the blog, long-time ecommerce expert Edward Scott-Finnigan shares six strategies to help your online brand successfully take on a Black Friday like no other!
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Han Dickson

Marketing29 July 2020

How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google – 5 Steps to Success

Struggling to appear on the first page of Google? With the influential search engine now displaying videos amongst its top results, there’s no better time to optimise your visual...
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Hannah Leary

Migration22 July 2020

Case Study: How We Migrated Neural DSP From WooCommerce to Shopify Plus in 1 Week

Get the inside scoop on how Swanky replatformed Neural DSP in just one week as part of the Shopify Plus Accelerated Launch Program, in time for an epic product launch!
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Hannah Leary

Marketing16 July 2020

How Swanky’s Ecommerce Manager Service Increased Goondiwindi Cotton’s Revenue by 343% Amid COVID-19

Until the arrival of COVID-19, B2B fashion wholesale had always been Goondiwindi Cotton's main focus. Find out how we helped this Aussie fashion brand to expand their D2C offering...
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James Humphreys

Marketing9 July 2020

How to Move Your Production In-House with Smart Manufacturing

Join Katana’s James Humpreys as he explores how smart manufacturing software can help move production in-house for your D2C ecommerce business!
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Sophie Selvey

Marketing7 July 2020

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in the New Ecommerce Climate (And Why it’s a Smart Idea)

As we continue our mission to help ecommerce stores successfully navigate the COVID-19 crisis, today we’re exploring the topic of affiliate marketing. Why is it a good idea to in...
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Sophie Selvey

Marketing1 July 2020

7 On-Site Search Strategies to Satisfy Shoppers and Supercharge Sales Amid the Retail Revolution

We're back with some more tips and tricks to give your ecommerce store a helping hand during the coronavirus crisis and beyond. In this latest article, we examine seven ways you ca...
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