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Sarah Hanney

Marketing8 January 2019
seo manager for shopify feature

How to Improve Your Shopify Store’s SEO with SEO Manager

Without optimising your Shopify store for search engines you’ll be missing out on valuable site traffic and thousands (!) of potential customers that Google could be sending your...
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Kevin Conner

Marketing4 January 2019
Unique tulip in a field of yellow tulips

5 Out of the Ordinary Blog Post Ideas for Your Ecommerce Store

Perhaps the biggest challenge any ecommerce store faces is trying to stand out from the crowd. Consumers these days are faced with nearly endless choices, and getting them to pick ...
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Sarah Hanney

Web Design18 December 2018
PWRA case study

Case Study: How Shopify Increased this Equine Ecommerce Store’s Revenue by 300%

We worked with an equine ecommerce store to build a Shopify site that saved them hours of admin work and led to an immediate increase in sales upon launch. We’ve been told their ...
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Esther Lowde

Marketing16 October 2018

Ecommerce Strategy for Sports & Health Shopify Stores

Online sports and health stores are seeing success like never before. In fact, the sports and wellness sector is currently one of the fastest growing in the USA; earning $63 bi...
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Esther Lowde

Web Design12 October 2018

The 10 Best Premium and Free Shopify Themes for Food & Drink Stores

When it comes to the design of your ecommerce store, first impressions count. In fact, studies show that the average customer forms an opinion about a company within the first ...
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Esther Lowde

Marketing5 October 2018

Shopify Plus Stores: Largest Brands To Date

In 2014, Shopify launched an enterprise solution built specifically for large and growing businesses. Due to its unmatched reliability, scalability and ease of management, Sho...
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Esther Lowde

Marketing3 October 2018

Case Study: How Loyalty Helped This Shopify Plus Fashion Store Grow

Find out how Swanky helped this upbeat women’s clothing brand to up their returning user traffic, drive creation of user-generated content and ultimately boost their sales - all ...
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Esther Lowde

Marketing24 September 2018

Case Study: How This Loyalty Program Boosted Revenue by 226%

In recent years, a wealth of research has demonstrated that online shoppers respond extremely well to ecommerce stores that have a strong loyalty program, are user-friendly and are...
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Esther Lowde

Marketing11 September 2018

Google Ads vs SEO: Which is the Right Investment for Your Shopify Store?

When it comes to creating a sustainable traffic growth strategy for your Shopify store, upping your visibility on search engines is the name of the game. But is it possible to ...
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