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How Using Review Feeds Can Boost Conversions For Your Abandoned Cart Flow

Abandoned carts happen to the best of us — but that’s not the end of the story. Learn how review feeds can help you improve your AC flow and increase conversions.

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You’re marketing a new line of products using social ads and ad retargeting. With the right tools, you’re finding it easy to gain attention and traffic from your target audience.

But there’s a problem. Folks are arriving at your site and adding products to their cart. And then… they’re leaving without making a purchase.

Don’t fret. 

Cart abandonment is an issue both B2B and B2C companies struggle with. But it’s something you can tackle by creating an abandoned cart (AC) flow. With this, you can create a strategy to recapture leads and customers who leave before completing a purchase. 

Let’s take a look at how you can use email marketing to recapture lost revenue — and how the inclusion of review feeds will improve your odds of success. 

What is abandoned cart flow?

An AC flow is an email marketing method used to recapture customers who leave their carts before completing a purchase. This is done using a series of emails to remind (and entice) the customer to return and finish their order. 

In 2019, the average cart abandonment rate was nearly 70%. By implementing an AC flow, you can boost your conversions.

There’s no silver bullet method for creating a successful AC flow — it may take some A/B testing to identify what works the best. 

5 proven methods for improving AC flow

Here are 5 proven methods brands are using to enhance their AC emails:

  1. Use urgent emails sparingly (save that for the third email sent a few days later)
  2. Start with a supportive email (ask if they need help to finish their order)
  3. Offer a discount to entice them to return
  4. A/B test different offers, subject lines, and messaging
  5. Add customer review snippets to the email (preferably relevant to the items in their cart)

Why use a review feed in your abandoned cart flow?

The purpose of AC emails is to prompt visitors to return and become customers. But you have to do it in a way that’s tasteful, yet enticing. 

Sure, offering a discount can sometimes encourage customers to pull out their wallets. But you’ll find some shoppers have other reasons for not purchasing, such as low trust in the brand.

This is where social proof comes to the rescue. By adding reviews to your AC emails, you can build trust and the urge to buy.

This works well if you regularly collect reviews and have access to testimonials that directly relate to the items in your wavering customer’s cart. 

You’ll need the right tools to simplify this process — like the new Okendo-Klaviyo integration. 

With this, you can schedule a review request from customers (a day or a few weeks after purchase) and then integrate reviews into your email marketing campaigns. 

Nimble Activewear was well aware of the power of customer reviews and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into their AC emails. 

They used the Okendo-Klaviyo integration to split test review snippets in their AC flow. The emails featuring reviews benefited from a 16% increase in average revenue per recipient. And click-through rates were 6% higher than the emails without reviews. 

Wrapping up

Dealing with abandoned carts is an inevitable part of the ecommerce world. The key is diligently finding ways to proactively manage the issue. 

Don’t wait until your AC rates soar — start using reviews to lure customers back to their carts. 

Inserting a review feed into your abandoned cart emails provides social proof and engenders FOMO. It’s a win-win — consumers get the confidence to buy, and you’ll recapture lost profits. 

With the Okendo-Klaviyo integration you can gather reviews from your customers and incorporate them into your AC emails — seamlessly.

Find out more about how the Okendo-Klaviyo integration can help you unlock the power of UGC for your AC campaigns.

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