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Launch a Business with Shopify

We think Shopify is awesome.

It’s a great platform to create beautiful and functional e-commerce web designs that are perfectly suited for growing businesses.

Whilst it’s ideally suited for businesses of all shapes and sizes, resourced by a growing community of users and some serious technical support, many of our clients are using Shopify for their start-ups and new businesses.

With this in mind, here are 4 simple ways that Shopify can help you to launch a successful business.

Written By
Dan Partridge

1. Create an Innovative Brand

We’ve worked with some seriously cool clients who are using Shopify to sell their innovative brands. Whether it’s Trugs with their gourmet products, Click & Grow with their indoor plant solutions or Sasquatch Soap Co. with their natural soaps, we’ve worked with clients who turn great ideas into awesome businesses.

If you’re thinking about launching a new business, it really is worth honing your brand. The more creative your ideas the better. If your business is going to prosper you’ll need to live, breath and sleep this brand, so make sure that it’s a product that you’ll be proud of.

The beauty of Shopify is that it gives us so much control as web designers. This helps us to build websites which effectively communicate the unique, innovative brands we’re working with.

2. Build an Audience

The easiest, most effective way to harness your innovative brand is through social media. It’s not enough to simply register accounts – you’re going to need to work hard at building credibility and keeping your audience engaged.

Shopify is great for showcasing your social media channel, whether it’s a Twitter feed, Facebook page or embedded Instagram photos.

3. Tipping Points

In every story of a successful business there are key moments. You can’t make them happen, but you can be prepared for them and respond accordingly. Shopify is great because it can cope with significant increases in traffic and has the capacity to let your website grow with your business.

Here’s how one Shopify business describe their tipping points:

“Other big moments have come through major press breakthroughs… and creating custom shirts for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games announcers on ESPN. These all came through hard work, perseverance, and demonstrating our product’s superior characteristics.” Mizzen+Main

4. Team

We’ve noticed that behind every successful business is a great team. Whether it’s a husband and wife, a group of friends or simply an individual with the right people around them; getting the right people on the bus is crucial.

We work with businesses to help them achieve their web design ambitions. We’re working with loads of great clients who are using Shopify to launch their business and grow their profits.

If you’re interested you can find more Shopify inspiration here:

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