Ecommerce Spotlight: Site Search with Klevu

07/10/2019, Marketing, Hannah Leary

For the first instalment of our new Ecommerce Spotlight series, we’re talking ecommerce site search with our friends at Klevu. So, grab a coffee, take a pew, and let our bite-sized Q&A videos inspire your own Shopify success story!

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Welcome to Swanky’s new Ecommerce Spotlight series, exploring the Shopify ecosystem and its world of plug-and-play possibilities! Across this Q&A series, we’ll be chatting to partners and experts from across the ecommerce industry to shed some light on the plethora of features and apps available to Shopify merchants. Not only that, our partners will be sharing plenty of tips and tricks to help you deliver the ultimate customer experience.


First up, we talk ecommerce site search with Klevu’s UK Sales & Partnerships Manager, Claudia Ditri, and EMEA Marketing Manager, Amy Marks. 


Klevu: a snapshot




A popular site search solution aimed at medium to enterprise-sized businesses, Klevu delivers a ‘truly semantic search experience’. Its powerful self-learning search technology connects shoppers with the products they want to buy, thereby improving user experience and increasing revenue for your store. 


Here’s just a few of the advanced features Klevu offers:


  • Self-learning, instant search
  • Natural language processing
  • Personalised search results
  • Advanced merchandising rules
  • ‘Smart Category Navigation’ – allowing you to optimise ranking order on collection pages thanks to machine learning
  • Fully customisable aesthetics
  • Advanced B2B features


Find out what happened when we sat down with Claudia and Amy to chat about third-party search tools, mobile search and personalisation: 



Why should people consider a third-party search tool?





  • Most ecommerce platforms aren’t inherently built to provide a really great search and navigation experience – their native capabilities are somewhat limited, presenting plenty of pain points.


  • A third-party tool is great for conversion rate optimisation – Klevu find that customers are three to five times more likely to convert when using the search box! 


  • A solution like Klevu will ensure you’re keeping high intent buyers on your site with relevant content.



Is Klevu easy to integrate and how customisable is it?





  • Klevu is available on the Shopify App Store as a direct ‘plug-and-play’ integration. It comes with a two week free trial period.


  • The instant search drop-down and results pages can be fully customised to match the rest of your store. There are customisable templates available, or you can work with Klevu and Swanky to build something more unique.



Is site search still relevant for merchants with mostly mobile traffic?





  • Yes! Navigation on mobile shouldn’t be too clunky – it needs to provide a really seamless, fast experience.

  • Ideas for improving mobile search include expanding the search bar, pushing full page search results and a clean UX.

  • One Klevu client has doubled mobile conversion rate after just three months of installing the tool!



What is personalisation and why is it so valuable for search?





  • Personalisation is imperative for customer retention and streamlining the buying journey. 

  • Klevu automatically applies a layer of machine learning and natural language processing to the keywords that people type in the search bar, which will get more personalised as people search on your site. 

  • Personalisation allows you to recognise valued customers and tailor the shopping journey by making search more relevant to them.



Next under the spotlight


A big thanks to Klevu’s Claudia and Amy for exploring ecommerce site search with us! 


Next in our Ecommerce Spotlight series, we’ll be chatting to Phil Roireau, Head of Partnerships for customer helpdesk app Gorgias. Tune in to hear Phil’s take on what makes good customer service and the benefits of a single admin customer view.



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