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Ecommerce Spotlight: Customer Service with Gorgias

Next up in our Ecommerce Spotlight series, we sit down with Phil Roireau, Head of Partnerships at Gorgias, to discuss the importance of flawless customer service for your Shopify store.

Written By
Hannah Smiddy

Welcome back to our Ecommerce Spotlight series! Together with our trusty partners, we’re exploring the swankiest features and apps that the Shopify ecosystem has to offer, helping merchants across the land to unlock their ecommerce potential.

In this instalment, we talk ecommerce customer service with Phil Roireau, friend of Swanky and Head of Partnerships at Gorgias.

Gorgias: a snapshot

A help desk for ecommerce stores, Gorgias allows your customer service team to manage all of your customer support from across multiple CRM channels in one place, thereby reducing response times, increasing efficiency and transforming customers’ impressions. 

As well as cutting support time, eliminating ticket backlog and increasing conversions, Gorgias empowers support agents to move into an advisory role and provide an outstanding customer service experience.

Here are just a few of the swanky features of the Gorgias app:

  • Manage conversations from email, live chat, phone and social in one unified helpdesk (including a brand new feature which allows merchants to manage Instagram ad comments straight from Gorgias!)
  • Create rich customer profiles
  • Integrated, instant live chat
  • Perform actions like edits and refunds straight from live chat
  • Automatically respond to common questions
  • One-click responses (set up rules, templates and ticket intents)
  • Automated inbox management
  • Auto-assign tickets to separate teams

Over to Gorgias’ Phil for the specialist scoop on ecommerce customer service!

What makes great customer service?


  • Customer experience is everything from product quality and design aspects, to the operational and logistical capacities of your company, to customer service. 
  • To wow your customers through great service, you need to be everywhere where your customers are.
  • Have customer service agents constantly monitoring customer engagements and sending prompt replies – be part of the conversation.
  • Make sure your chat agents are trained and knowledgeable on your products.

How can you track the value of customer service?


  • The most basic KPI to track is your ‘first time reply’ – in other words, how long did you take to reply to a customer enquiry or comment? The faster, the better.
  • You can also record and monitor the number of messages that tend to be exchanged before a customer enquiry is actually solved. The fewer, the better.
  • Use Gorgias to track how much you can convert your pre-sale enquiries into actual sales. Assign these values to the relevant customer service agent, and incentivise them to close more sales.

What are the benefits of a single admin customer service?


  • Managing all communications and conversations in one single admin service can transform the efficiency of your customer support operations.
  • Allows you to map conversations to your customer’s Shopify profiles – this saves time having to shuffle between multiple windows to find conversation threads.

Next under the spotlight

Thank you to Phil for lifting the lid on the dos and don’ts of ecommerce customer service! To find out more about the features and benefits of the Gorgias platform, take a look on their website.

In the next instalment of our Ecommerce Spotlight series, we catch up with the guys at ShipStation to talk all things ecommerce fulfilment.

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