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How Do I Create a Successful Brand for My Business?

We help our clients to create a successful brand for their business. It’s a simple premise, but it takes a lot of skill, experience and listening to do well.

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Dan Partridge

We’re a full service web design agency, which means that we can take you from a standing start and deliver a full branding package, including, of course, an awesome website.

This is something of a unique selling point for us. Designer Matt’s artistic abilities ensure that we produce the industry-standard digital and print branding that you need for your business. As a former start-up ourselves, we have a particularly strong understanding of how to create a successful brand for start-up businesses.

We operate with an iterative design process. This means that you’re involved in every step of the process. After an initial consultation, in which which we identify your goals, company culture, brand personality etc, we get to work producing a number of possible brand identities. We then present these to you, listen to your feedback and implement any changes that you want to make. We’ve particularly enjoyed creating some great logos in the last 12 months. You can check out some of these in our portfolio.

We’re meticulous in our approach to colour and typography. This can be an underrated aspect of the branding process. Each colour, shape and typeface (font) creates a particular kind of reaction in a customer. It’s therefore essential to understand what kind of impact we’re trying to create and the best way to make this happen. We also match complementary colours and typefaces to ensure that there is brand harmony across your print and digital portfolio. There’s no point in designing a logo that looks great in print but lacklustre online.

We’ll help you to carefully define your brand. This will be the first thing that potential customers see, and it needs to communicate the key messages that you want to give. At this point we’ll discuss the unique personality of your business, the way in which you want customers to perceive you and the best way to leave a lasting impression upon those that come into contact with your brand. By carefully defining your brand we’ll be able to design and launch it in the most effective way possible.

We ensure that you connect with your customers. Every successful brand is built upon one crucial foundation: audience knowledge. If you know who it is that you’re trying to engage with, it becomes much easier to work out how to connect with them. This includes your use of wording, visual engagement and marketing strategy.

We help you to ensure brand consistency. It’s important that you don’t weaken the integrity of your brand. We achieve this through providing our clients with a branding package that can be applied to all print and digital media. This includes use of your logo, photography, typeface and colour to ensure that you’re developing your brand consistently. In a visual market, this is a very important step.

Finally, we maximise your potential for brand exposure. As a web design agency our priority is to deliver the branding package and website design that you require. However, it’s important to understand that our branding services help to position you for further brand exposure. By achieving some of the goals outlined above, we significantly increase the likelihood of your business being recognised, whether it’s by customers, competitors, industry leaders, local media or even national competitions.

If you can create a successful brand for your business you might well be surprised at just how far it begins to reach.

Branding 2 (Dec ’11) by VFS Digital Design on Flickr, used under creative commons license.

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