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Case Study: How a New Shopify Design Increased This Store’s Revenue by 68%

Winternational are an online luxury women’s ski-wear store, providing beautiful designer ski apparel to customers across the globe. 

Read on to find out how Swanky helped Winternational to boost their revenue and maximise their brand’s international ecommerce success.

Written By
Esther Lowde

When Winternational initially reached out to us, it wasn’t to request a full website rebuild – they were simply looking for some basic website coding advice. However, Director Tamsin Burford noted that “Swanky responded so quickly and with such great instructions that it made me think these were people I wanted to work with down the line.”

Soon afterwards, Tamsin thought the look of the online store was rather outdated and also felt there were some problems with the store’s responsiveness and design. Tamsin knew that in order to continue building an international customer base and avoid becoming stagnant as a business, the website needed some serious remodelling. Knowing that Swanky specialise in building beautiful and compelling ecommerce websites, Winternational therefore reached out to us once again to see how we could help.

Tamsin told us their goals were principally to increase the company’s revenue and customer base. We therefore began fully revamping their website until they had a Shopify store which was attractive, customer-friendly, fully responsive (meaning it was able to be accessed and used seamlessly, no matter if Winternational’s visitors were browsing on a mobile, tablet or laptop) as well as being perfectly suited to the look and feel of their brand.

As 93% of online experiences now begin with a search engine, we also worked to create an advertising strategy for Winternational in order to maximise the visibility of their store on Google and thereby engage as many of their target audience as possible.

What did all these changes lead to?

In short, over the course of the last year, Winternational have reached all of their goals – and then some. Since beginning their work with Swanky, Winternational has seen their ecommerce conversion rate (the percentage of visitors making purchases) rise by an impressive 29%, and significantly they have also seen an outstanding 68% increase in their overall revenue.

Winternational’s Google Analytics dashboard demonstrating an increase in conversion rate, revenue, number of transactions and average order value.

Not only have they achieved everything they had hoped to, but the Winternational team have also been pleasantly surprised by the other significant positive differences they have experienced since the launch of their redesigned store in 2017. For example, in addition to attracting more ecommerce shoppers to the brand, they have found more businesses and influencers wanting to collaborate with them. In Director Tamsin’s own words, “we are being taken more seriously now”.

Moving forward, Winternational are excited to be rolling out the new customer loyalty programme that we have custom designed for them in the Summer of 2018. As studies show that just a 5% increase in customer loyalty can increase the average profit per customer by 25-100%, we are excited to see this new scheme increase Winternational’s customer retention and ultimately boost their revenue even further.

Winternational’s primary target for the next two years is to double their current turnover. Ambitious, you might say, but we are confident they will achieve it as well as they have accomplished their previous goals while working with us.

If, like Winternational, you are looking to enhance the revenue, customer interest and overall ecommerce success of your own business, the Swanky team are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

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