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Case Study: How a B2C Website Launch Generated Over £200k in 4 Months

With over 20 years of experience in multichannel retail logistics and supply chain management, iForce Group work alongside large enterprising retailers to help them satisfy the growing expectations of their multichannel shoppers.

Read on to find out how Swanky helped them achieve their goal of launching a B2C (business to consumer) store by crafting them a practical and compelling new ecommerce website.

Written By
Esther Lowde

When iForce Group initially approached our agency, they were seeking help to expand their business from a basic B2B auctioning platform (selling discounted products from large businesses such as John Lewis and Waitrose to smaller sellers) to an entirely customer-focussed B2C stock clearance store.

We therefore set to work crafting a whole new ecommerce capacity for their business, building upon a Shopify theme to create the iForce Market Zone, a fully customised, responsive and user-friendly online store which makes it easy for potential customers to find the brand and be persuaded to purchase from them directly.

GIF to demonstrate iForce’s new custom Shopify homepage.

At Swanky, we believe that every ecommerce business should own an online store which perfectly reflects and complements their brand. We therefore tailor our website designs specifically to the companies we work with and pay attention to the details and technical intricacies which are key to both the image of the brand and the management of their business as a whole.

In iForce Group’s case, due to their wide range of products and hugely unpredictable stock, we created a custom solution that saved them time and money on managing their large inventory. Using standard Shopify functionality, ecommerce managers would normally have to remove and recreate thousands of product lines each month as they disappeared and reappeared from stock. However, we provided iForce Group with a way to simply create, hide and add to an archive of out-of-stock products and variants, so that they could be quickly and easily displayed each month on the website according to stock availability. We also assisted iForce Group with bulk uploading large quantities of products into their store’s inventory to help them easily manage their ever-growing catalogue of products.

Moreover, we added some engaging and sales-boosting features to their new website such as displaying the high street regular price for each product compared to iForce Group’s impressively discounted rate. We also created a drop-down list function for each product which allows customers to choose the newness and condition that an item is in and changes the price of the product accordingly.

As iForce Group were looking to launch their Market Zone store as soon as possible, all of these results were delivered incredibly swiftly. In fact, thanks to Shopify’s quick and easy customisation options and a lot of our hard work from our team, we created and launched the website within the space of just 5 weeks.

What were the results of this new website build?

After the launch of iForce Group’s new B2C website at the end of 2017, the positive effects of this launch became visible just as quickly as we had delivered their engaging new design. In their third month of trading, iForce Group made an impressive £100k in sales, and also transacted an astonishing £217k in their first quarter.

At Swanky, we are excited to see iForce Group’s business continue to thrive and grow, and are confident that this is just the beginning of their B2C channel’s ecommerce success.

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