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5 Top Tips for Getting Started with a DXI Tool

Being able to stand out from the crowd requires you to understand your customers. To do this in ecommerce means using and analysing data effectively. This is where DXI tools come in. They let you see the big picture and the tiny details, helping you make data-driven decisions. Learn more with Chloe Symons, Digital Strategist at Swanky.

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Chloe Symons

Why is DXI important?

Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) is growing in popularity across the ecommerce industry as the latest solution to analyse your on-site performance and empower you to optimise and improve your brand’s digital experience.

A recent DTC study from FullStory found that 64% of global customers said that they are likely to leave a website if they encounter a frustration when trying to complete their transaction.1 Furthermore, 77% of customers said that their number one priority when shopping online is to be able to complete what they came to do quickly. Both of these statistics demonstrate the growing importance of a flawless digital experience.1

Implementing a DXI tool such as FullStory for your business will put you one step closer to being able to deliver that, and in-turn grow your bottom line.

To achieve this, DXI uses a combination of session replay, product analytics and tool analysis to build a 360-degree view of how your customers are interacting with your store. 

Here at Swanky, data insights and analytics have always sat at the core of our agency and run through the veins of all we do. Our methods include a combination of qualitative and quantitative data analysis to help us understand the whybehind the numbers and build a comprehensive view of site performance.

Now, with the introduction of DXI solutions such as FullStory, we are able to understand, more clearly than ever before, the ‘why’ behind on-site behaviour. This further aids our work with clients on solutions to address their digital pain-points and fast-track growth.

Nonetheless, whilst data is pivotal to any successful ecommerce business, without the knowledge or tools to accurately and easily view, analyse and report on this data, it can quickly become a minefield for marketing and ecommerce teams alike!

Getting started with DXI

1. Review your purchase funnel

Once you have reviewed your key friction points through Session Replay, we recommend turning your attention to your main purchasing funnels using the Funnels and Conversions feature in FullStory. This allows you to view your key purchasing funnels and customer journeys to analyse how your funnels are performing.

This is also an opportunity to review the percentage of customers who are progressing right the way through the funnel to checkout, and those who are dropping off at each stage. It is here where the Swanky Digital Strategy team focuses its efforts. We work with our clients to ideate and strategise on optimisations to improve funnel performance and drive more conversions through the site.

It is also a helpful exercise as you can identify where new funnels may need to be built, to better serve the needs of all of your site visitors. For example, are you seeing a lot of traffic landing on your blog pages, with no clear funnel or route to your collection pages or product detail pages?

2. Identify customer friction points

Within the FullStory platform there are a number of different tools available to help you to identify friction points that your customers are experiencing. We recommend analysing these points and using them as a starting point for optimisations that could be made on site.

FullStory clearly highlights frustration signals like Rage Clicks, Error Clicks and Thrashed Cursors through their automated event alerts. This helps you quickly recognise points of frustration for your customers.

These can be viewed within Session Replay, where you can see the user journey, and the number of occurrences per issue. This gives you a percentage of site visitors experiencing the same problems, helping you understand any problem in greater detail. This can aid your prioritisation of fixes, tackling the highest recurring problems first, to improve your customers’ experience of your store.

3. Collaborate

We take a collaborative approach to our data analysis, working with designers, developers and data analysts to review and interpret the data gathered from our DXI and insights tools.

This is an important exercise, as data analysis can be subjective. Bringing together different expertise across your business, or through your work with a digital agency, will maximise ideation and enable you to come up with innovative solutions to your customers’ pain-points. FullStory seamlessly enables collaboration by making it easy to share digital experience data across teams— something that’s especially helpful and time-saving when it comes to things like identifying and resolving bugs.

4. Test and learn

This is a core value that we maintain at Swanky. Taking a ‘test and learn’ approach is the most effective way for us to track, analyse and continue to optimise our clients’ stores. 

Once you have identified actionable insights, we recommend developing an iterative testing plan to resolve on-site issues and to improve CX.

Any changes should always be rolled out as a test, as this means you can track and analyse the impact of your changes and accurately report back the results. Using FullStory alongside your testing platform also means that you can review test performance and impact. It’s also important to take every test as a learning opportunity. Not every solution will have the desired impact, but that doesn’t mean that the data you harvest isn’t insightful when deciding the next course of action.

5. Repeat!

The ecommerce world is constantly evolving and even with all the right tools in place, you shouldn’t become complacent.

Repeating the above four steps, continuing to maximise the use of your DXI tool, and integrating it into the core of your ecommerce business will ensure that you stay ahead of the game and your competitors. As devices, SaaS technology, personalisation techniques and store functionality evolves, it is important that you continue to gather and analyse insights to drive on-site changes.

How will you use a DXI tool for your brand?

In the current economic climate and with competition increasing, it is much more difficult to keep customers loyal to your brand as they shop around for the best deal. With this in mind, seamless digital experiences are more important than ever before.

Here at Swanky we design, create and grow Shopify Plus websites. Our expertise has helped household names like HelloFresh and Wilkinson Sword hone their websites for maximum conversion. It’s tools like FullStory that help us accomplish this with increasing insight and efficiency; helping brands scale at speed.


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