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Take Your Business on The Road: Mobile Payment Systems

In today’s marketplace there is a huge demand for the development of ecommerce websites. This isn’t surprising – after all, online retail represents a rapidly growing sector.

However, you might not have noticed that there is also an increasingly common need for the opposite service.

Ecommerce businesses are finding new ways to take their business out into physical retail environments, and are looking for effective mobile payment systems to make this possible.

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Dan Partridge

The BBC published an article in November exploring an unexpected kind of High Street resurgence. The “clicks to bricks” movement shows that physical retail isn’t quite finished yet. It also shows that ecommerce is a very flexible way of starting a business.

With 68% of US 18-25s preferring to shop ‘in store’, the ability to launch a business online (with low overheads, staffing, stock etc) and subsequently move into physical premises is proving highly attractive. If this is the case, you’ll probably want to keep your ecommerce systems intact and find a mobile payment system that allows you to sell over the counter.

We’re also seeing more and more people turning their hobby into a fledgling business. If you’re producing hand-made goods, for example, an ecommerce store is an ideal way to showcase your talent. However, you’ll probably be generating sales from both your online store and the existing craft fairs, marketplaces etc that you love to be a part of. Instead of running two parallel stock and payment systems, the obvious solution is to allow people to purchase your goods in person by using your existing ecommerce infrastructure. You too will be looking for a suitable mobile payment system.

What Mobile Payment Systems are Available?

If you’re working through these questions, the good news is that there are a range of options at your disposal. This article in Inc. magazine outlines three popular mobile payment systems that work with your smartphone/tablet.

As Arjun so eloquently puts it,

Adding a mobile payment solution to your on-the-road equipment arsenal can add a measure of convenience for both your customers and you while helping you avoid carrying around cash and checks.

Is There a Shopify Mobile Payment System?

The good news is that there most certainly is. As Shopify Expert Developers we’re probably biased, but we think that it’s pretty darn exceptional.

Shopify POS gives you the ability to take your Shopify store on the road. It’s an iPad app that lets you sell your products over the counter, accept credit card payments, issue physical or email receipts and manage your stock control on the go. There are also a range of hardware products which allow you to set up a cash drawer, barcode scanner and card reader to plug straight into your device.

If you’re looking to develop your Shopify store then we’d love to chat to you. You can find out more about Shopify by checking out their 2013 Year in Review.

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