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Instagram Hits 150 Million Monthly Users

If you haven’t thought about integrating Instagram into your social media strategy, you might want to now…

Written By
Dan Partridge

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, is now being used by 150million active users every month.

Bought by Facebook last year in a deal rumoured to be worth $1billion, Instagram has long been the app of choice for those wanting to photograph and share life’s special moments. With a range of vintage filters and a quality social media platform to boot, Instagram was initially regarded as little more than a frivolous app used to photography lattes in quirky coffee shops. However, with a rapidly growing user base and an increasingly established social media status (with fully functional hashtag and commenting possibilities Instagram has emerged as a genuine contender in its own right) Instagram is starting to justify the hefty price that Facebook stumped up in 2012.

Unsurprisingly the company themselves are quick to emphasise the inclusive community that Instagram has fostered:

Whether it’s documenting protests in Egypt, sharing the trip of a lifetime across the United States or snapping #petselfiez, this community continues to surprise us every day with your creativity, sense of adventure and unique perspectives on the worldInstagram

Whilst the monetary value of social media platforms has been hotly disputed and fluctuated wildly, it’s clear that Instagram is now a big player in the social media scene. Whilst many people enjoy using social media in their personal lives, there are also many opportunities for businesses to leverage platforms like Instagram as part of their social media strategy.

There are numerous reasons for this. Whilst the average consumer has become increasingly hardened to traditional forms of advertising, the impact of a well-planned social media campaign can be significant. There is no reason why a creative business shouldn’t have an Instagram profile, particularly if they’re in the art or technology sectors. It’s also a great part of your SEO strategy, ensuring that there are additional links heading back to your website. If you’re an E-Commerce business, you could use Instagram to photograph your products being used.

It’s also worth considering how you can make your business a more social place to work. Encouraging staff to connect using Instagram is an easy way to improve relationships between staff and let your customers know that you’re a great employer too.

Instagram are also planning to introduce adverts in the next year. We’ll be interested to see how this is received by all parties – the hitherto loyal Instagram users who love the retro, indy style of the platform; the businesses who will attempt to connect with customers through advertising; and Instagram themselves, who will now be looking to maximise profits as well as continuing to provide a great user experience.

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