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Single-Page Web Design

If you’re looking for an innovative, modern web design with a touch of flair then you may have come across single-page website design.

A single-page is exactly that; a website which consists of one page.

It will typically encourage you to stroll down to access further content.

Written By
Dan Partridge

There are various reasons why a business might want a single-page web design. This kind of website tends to be minimalistic, easy on the eye and very easy to navigate. It’s often perceived as a refreshing departure from content-heavy, slow websites.

Single-page website design is highly versatile. It’s often an approach favoured by businesses in the following circumstances:

– If you’re launching a new product or service, single-page website design is a great way to showcase your latest developments. It allows visitors to focus on the ‘new’ without detracting from your main website.

– A particularly simple example of single-page website design is the ‘splash page’ or ‘landing page’. This is normally used where a business works into multiple industries or sectors and needs to signpost site visitors to the most appropriate content.

– New businesses are some of the most innovative proponents of single-page website design. It’s a very flexible and creative way to highlight your branding. It’s also a very suitable way to communicate with customers while you’re still a fledgling company, giving just enough information and maintaining a sense of mystery. It’s also a great starting point for a growing business when you’ll be looking to add more content in time.

– A single-page website is a great way to encourage visitors to sign up for a new product, promotional offer, beta testing or mailing list. It can function as an online presence for all kinds of initiatives.

– Whilst it can seem like a radical departure from more traditional forms of website design, in many ways single-page web design is only a subtle adaptation. Whilst vertical scrolling/navigation can seem unsettling, it’s really very similar to using a menu to access content. We often see single-page websites with hovering menus which help new users to return to previous pages.

In the mobile website design age there are also very practical advantages to single-page web design.

If you’re browsing the web using a smartphone or tablet, scrolling is a much more familiar way to navigate. This means that websites are more accessible than they would otherwise be.

If you’re trying to create a sense of narrative/storytelling then single-page web design is perfect. It enables you to present content to site visitors in a particular order, which gives you greater control and influence over how your brand is perceived by customers.

Finally, single-page website design lends itself very easily to responsive web design. The simplicity and well-placed content can be easily replicated on alternative devices, and the biggest hurdle that most RWD encounters – navigation – has already been solved.

There’s loads more that we could say about single-page web design*. If you’re interested, why not give us a call or drop us an email to discuss the possibility of working together.

*You might also like to check out onepagelove, a collection of lovely single-page web design goodness.

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