Case Study: How Shopify Plus Set this Global Fashion Store Up for Success

Since 1955, BAILEYS has been providing high-quality men’s clothing to customers around the world.

Read on to find out how Swanky took this expanding Dutch company’s business online by crafting them a beautiful, compelling and user-friendly new Shopify Plus store.

Written By
Esther Lowde

For decades, the widely recognised BAILEYS brand has been growing, becoming sold in more than 1500 multi-brand stores and 16 mono-brand franchise stores since its introduction to the fashion industry over 50 years ago.

However, despite their ever-growing international success, the brand had never had any real online presence before starting their work with Swanky last year.

The BAILEYS team recognised that in today’s digital age, owning an eye-catching and fully functional ecommerce store is an absolute must for well-established enterprise businesses looking to unlock their full business potential. Launching an official BAILEYS website was therefore a natural next step for the global brand.

After carefully reviewing all of their options for creating and hosting the most successful online store possible, BAILEYS decided Shopify Plus was the right fit for them due to its enhanced personalisation options, high volume traffic management and customisable workflows – all built specifically with large and growing enterprise businesses in mind.

With this important decision made, the BAILEYS team now needed an experienced, passionate and creative Shopify agency to guide them carefully through the entire website build and design process and ensure that their ambitious and creative vision became a digital reality.

As one of the first agencies in Europe to achieve the Shopify Plus Experts accreditation, our team of highly skilled Swanky web designers were delighted to be selected to help with the project.

What did Swanky do for BAILEYS?

After talking through BAILEYS’ business needs and goals with their team, we set to work designing the brand a gorgeous and user-friendly new Shopify Plus website that married beautiful design with a strong ability to drive conversions.

Because of the long-standing and well-established nature of the brand, we knew we needed to create a website design that lived up to the strong reputation of the company and embodied the polished image of the brand that its customers had come to love and expect.

Our team decided on a sleek and bold store design which used striking features such as large product images, slideshows, a homepage video and fade-in transitions to create an online aesthetic which was both classy and vibrant, perfectly reflecting the personality and ethos of the BAILEYS brand.

BAILEYS’ new user-friendly and eye-catching Shopify Plus store design.

 The project not only consisted of a beautiful layout but also some intricate and complex technical features and systems integrations to boost the usability (and the conversion rate) of BAILEYS’ new Shopify Plus store as a whole.

For example, our highly skilled team implemented some exciting variant handling features to enhance the user experience of potential customers browsing the website. Most notably, as website visitors scroll through BAILEYS’ collection pages, they are able to view different available versions of each item simply by hovering over a selection of colour swatches.

Example of a colour variant display on a BAILEYS product collection page.

Once on the product page, customers can also instantly see the remaining stock of a particular product variant by hovering over their preferred size or colour again.

Additionally, we implemented our own custom multi-cart app – Swanky’s solution to help businesses overcome Shopify’s currently limited internationalisation options – to enable the brand to display and sell their products in 3 different currencies, with pricing information for each storefront pulled in automatically based on the user’s location. This creative multinational workaround is a major conversion-booster for ecommerce stores, allowing ecommerce managers to grow their revenue by reaching out to an international customer base while keeping the management of multiple storefronts as hassle-free as possible.

In all, the entire website build, design and launch took nearly a year to complete due to the complex and intricate nature of the project.

However, the results were more than worth the effort. Today, BAILEYS are the proud owners of a stunning and inherently conversion-boosting ecommerce store hosted by what we firmly believe to be the strongest and most flexible ecommerce platform on the market.

With their beautiful new Shopify Plus store in place and set to drive more sales immediately, we look forward to seeing the BAILEYS brand continue to grow and thrive.

If, like BAILEYS, you are looking to take your brick-and-mortar store online and enhance the revenue, customer interest and overall ecommerce success of your business, our Swanky team of friendly digital experts are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

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