10 Big Music Stores on Shopify and Shopify Plus

As the leading cloud-based, multi-channel ecommerce platform on the market, it’s no surprise that Shopify boasts some big-name brands in its ever-expanding repertoire of clients. Here, we turn our attention to some big brands using Shopify as their platform of choice to deliver music, artist merch and music equipment to the masses.

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Hannah Smiddy

More and more musicians are turning to Shopify as their ecommerce instrument of choice, selling everything from digital downloads to merchandise direct to their listeners.

Why is Shopify a good fit for music brands?

Shopify makes it easy to build and maintain a fully customisable online store, whilst providing fans with engaging merch discovery experiences. Musicians can create a go-to spot for fans to flock to, giving them immediate access to tracks and official merch.

We caught up with some of Swanky’s ecommerce experts to get their thoughts on what makes Shopify such a good fit for music brands:

“Shopify is the ideal ecommerce solution for musicians. It’s the go-to platform for many bands and artists across the globe. Shopify makes it easy to set up and manage a flexible and engaging online store that showcases your personality and helps grow your fan base.”

– Ben Homer, Head of Operations at Swanky and budding musician

“Shopify makes opening and running a store easy and flexible. It also enables complete visual customisation to make every store feel unique. This is so important for the music industry, particularly bands, who often work hard to create special, creative and occasionally very unusual artwork and brand identities.”

– Dan McIvor, Swanky’s Founder & Director

Shopify also has a proven track record of managing exceptionally high levels of traffic – perfect for managing large numbers of eager fans rushing to a site following an album launch or new merch drop.

As well as bands and artists using Shopify to sell music and merch direct to consumers, there are an increasing number of brands within the wider music industry using the platform to sell things like audio and recording equipment.

Within Shopify’s esteemed orchestra of clients, here are 10 big Shopify music stores worth sampling:

Lady Gaga Official Shop (Shopify Plus)

The official home of Lady Gaga merch, her ‘Little Monsters’ all over the world can purchase clothing, vinyls and accessories from this Shopify-Plus-powered store.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“This site is super-minimalist, which allows for quick page load times. It’s really speedy, which is great for keeping eager fans happy.

There’s cool use of GIFs to present novel product features too.

Overall, there’s definitely room to improve and refine this store with some of Shopify Plus’ neat functionality.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Lady Gaga store boost its conversion rate further?”

“Firstly, there’s no apparent search field on the homepage and no dropdown functionality on the menu – this could be really frustrating for users who have a specific item in mind and want to navigate to it as quickly as possible.

When it comes to the collection page, there’s no filtration available for users to narrow down products to fit their unique criteria. Also, you can’t see any pricing until you hover over an item – this is creating extra work for users.

They could consider making use of iconography to really help distinguish between products that have the same product image thumbnail (e.g. different media versions of the same album). Alternatively, I’d recommend having a single product page for an album, where users can easily switch between different media types. This would make the experience less confusing and contribute to increased conversions.”

Foo Fighters Official Store

Offering branded apparel, accessories and vinyls, this Shopify store is the place for Foo Fighters fans to get their hands on official band merch.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“This store is ‘grungy’ but clean, which is very on-brand, reflecting Foo Fighters’ ‘mass appeal rock’. The typography is very cool. I really like the simple use of one masculine font.

Featuring multiple products on the homepage with simple purchase flows facilitates super-fast sales, which is an ideal set-up for selling music merch.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Foo Fighters store boost its conversion rate further?”

“On the homepage, there’s a few cases where text has been placed on top of complex images, which makes it tricky to read. To improve the UX and help boost conversion rates, they need to either use a stronger font, use a solid background behind the text, or place the text above/below the image.

Again, there’s no filtration on the collection pages. This could be a simple win to help streamline the route-to-purchase.

When it comes to the mobile version of the Foo Fighters store, the search icon and burger menu icon are very close together. This could cause so-called ‘fat finger issues’, increasing the likelihood of people accidentally clicking on the wrong element.

Whilst the search functionality does include dynamic search recommendations, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to predictive search results.”

Lollapalooza Merch

Lollapalooza is an annual 4-day music festival based in Chicago. It has grown into one of the most popular music festivals in the US, featuring popular alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop, and EDM bands and artists, dance and comedy performances. Lollapalooza caters to its enormous fan base by offering exclusive merchandise direct from its own jazzy Shopify store.


Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“This store features good use of the purple, green and black colour combo, in-keeping with the Lollapalooza festival branding. It’s important that the merch store ties in with the main site, helping to create a coherent and professional overall look.

The cart is big and obvious on desktop, contrasting well against the header.

Despite the strong colour scheme, the store is limited at the time of our review because of the lack of products and content.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Lollapalooza store boost its conversion rate further?”

“The homepage of the Lollapalooza store is really limited. They’re only showing two products on their homepage – why? There’s lots of white space that makes the store look very basic and empty.

On the collection pages, they do have pretty clear pricing, but they could improve conversions by adding filtration by size and price. They should also consider adding overlays to sale items, to really draw attention to special offers.

In terms of the product pages, most of them don’t include any product information. This is very off-putting for users, especially if they’re considering a high-ticket item and want to know what it is made of, how it fits etc.”

Bastille Store

British band Bastille sell music and merch via this Shopify store, which runs as a subdomain of their official bastillebastille.com site.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“I really like the use of the logo font across the site. This reinforces Bastille’s brand identity and creates a cohesive overall look.

Having a solid black background means that the white text and colourful images really stand out. The product photos just pop – they’re letting these images do the talking. The same can be said for the calls to action as well – the grey add to cart buttons stand out against the black background of each page.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Bastille store boost its conversion rate further?”

“On the homepage, product mouseover provides a clear view of product and price information. They could also consider highlighting size availability on that same hover function, to further streamline the UX.

Over on the product pages, the dropdown size selectors are rather unwieldy. I would recommend using button size selectors instead, as these are much more user-friendly. I’d also suggest highlighting things like pre-order status with banners or icons, rather than in plain text. At the moment, this info isn’t hugely evident, which could irritate shoppers.

Furthermore, forcing users to agree to terms and conditions on the cart page could be quite a roadblock for casual shoppers and impulse buyers.

On the mobile store, the use of larger currency selectors and a more obvious menu icon would provide a better customer experience.”

Party Rock Clothing – LMFAO

Pop duo LMFAO sell a range of eccentric products from their Shopify site, which has been designed to perfectly reflect their loud and colourful music videos.


Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“This store makes good use of ‘shop the look’ functionality. This is great for creating a more engaging UX. Other particularly engaging elements of the site are the colour swatches and rollover images. This functionality helps to satisfy users’ curiosity, all without them leaving the collection pages.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Party Rock Clothing store boost its conversion rate further?”

“It’s good to see this store making use of dynamic imagery upon mouseover – this creates a much more engaging experience for users and allows them to see different versions of the products without clicking through to the product page. They should definitely look at standardising image size though!

The shoppable social section is a great touch. It makes this site stand out from other merch stores.

By showing size availability on collection pages, they could help to streamline the route-to-purchase. Users want to be able to see key information like this without having to leave the collection page.”

Beyoncé Official Shop (Shopify Plus)

Megastar Beyoncé needs a robust and reliable ecommerce platform that can easily handle the hundreds of thousands of fans rushing to get their hands on some of her official merch. Following the release of her Homecoming Netflix documentary and accompanying album in April 2019, monthly store visits were up more than sixfold! This surge in traffic was no match for her Shopify Plus store though.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“There’s good use of movement on the homepage to market Beyoncé’s Homecoming collection. This is a clever way to promote this key product line.

I like the timeless typographic style of the Helvetica font. It’s simple and modern, giving the site a refined look.

Over on the product pages, the large images really pop against the white background, whilst the sticky product details make a unique touch.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Beyoncé store boost its conversion rate further?”

“The Beyoncé store uses a substantially improved tech stack compared to the other sites we’ve looked at in this music store review. There are a few things they could do to improve conversion rates though.

Rather than a dropdown menu, they could consider using an image-based mega menu to improve navigation and hopefully boost click-through rate.

It’s great to see filters being used on collection pages – users can filter by size, price, type and collection to help simplify the browsing experience.

Clicking on the size guide on a product page takes you to a completely separate web page. In my opinion, this is a poor UX – users shouldn’t have to navigate back to the original page within their browser to carry on with their purchase.”

Newbury Comics (Shopify Plus)

Newbury Comics is an independently owned retailer specialising in music and pop culture merchandise. With an extensive offering of vinyls and CDs from all manner of musical genres, this is the site to visit for music enthusiasts. This Shopify Plus music store receives between 200-300k visits per month on average.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“This store certainly has an established feel to it, thanks to consistent use of imagery, good use of high-quality product photography, and extensive product details to appeal to the ‘music geek’. You can tell this is a brand who know their stuff about music and pop culture, simply through the well thought-out design and professional presentation of products.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Newbury Comics store boost its conversion rate further?”

“This Shopify Plus store seems a lot more established than the artist merch stores we’ve looked at. They’re making use of a much more impressive tech stack.

Whilst they are using a select few images in the menu to draw users’ attention, they could make this menu much more visual to improve the navigation experience.

It’s surprising that they’re not making use of reviews. Not only do these build trust in a product, but they build trust in a brand. People are more likely to convert their interest into a purchase if they can see some authentic social validation.”


American pop-rock sibling trio HAIM sell quirky tees and sweatshirts to fans via this editorial-style Shopify store.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“This is a good example of how Shopify stores can be customised to showcase a band’s unique personality. The HAIM store is quirky, and doesn’t conform to standard store layouts. It has an editorial style, with large lifestyle images presented in a collage format in a mix of orientations.

There aren’t any flat product photos – instead, they make great use of lifestyle images, with the Haim sisters themselves featuring in the majority. This is an engaging and alternative way to present merch to fans.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the HAIM store boost its conversion rate further?”

“Interestingly, there’s no shop menu provided on this store. This should result in high product browse, as there’s nothing else to navigate to on the homepage.

There’s good use of large imagery with clear pricing on the homepage, although they’re not displaying availability or size range pre-click-through.

The modal cart is tidily executed and tends to push users towards an extended browse, although it’s worth noting that this can also result in higher cart abandonment. For a brand like this, I would expect the ‘instant transaction’ to be a better, more optimised solution. People aren’t on the site to buy an outfit, just an item, so the quicker they make the purchase, the better. Therefore, I’d suggest a setup where the add to cart button takes you direct to the checkout page.

The mobile homepage could be confusing at first glance, as there is no item-based menu and no obvious product photography or pricing above the fold.”

Justin Timberlake Official Shop

American singer-songwriter Justin Timerlake caters to his global fan base with a Shopify-driven merch store. Running on a subdomain of his official website, the store sells t-shirts and hoodies from his ‘Man of the Woods’ collection.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:
“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“I quite like the cool use of the ‘developer nerd’ font, Source Code Pro. It presents a ‘minimalist geek’ kind of image, which gives the store an edge over some of the other sites we’ve looked at.

There is plenty of scope to further refine this store though, both in terms of products, content and design.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the Justin Timberlake store boost its conversion rate further?”

“This is a really basic site. Minimalism does work, but I feel like there’s lots of basic elements that could be added here to provide a better UX. It would be interesting to see if any changes to the site are made prior to Justin’s next music release.”

W.A.S.T.E. Headquarters – Radiohead

Fans of alternative rock band Radiohead can purchase a range of official merch on the W.A.S.T.E. Headquarters online store. Visitors can get their hands on branded clothing, songbooks, posters, and even children’s merch.

Asking Matt Giles, Creative Director at Swanky:

“What are the strongest aspects of this ecommerce store’s design?”

“The use of a grey page background not only means that the white-background product images stand out, but it really speaks to Radiohead and their band identity, reflecting subtle themes of rebellion and defiance.

I really like that you can shop by artist on this store – it means fans can feel closer to the band and delve deeper into the world of Radiohead.”

Asking Sean Clanchy, Digital Strategy and Ecommerce expert:
“How could the W.A.S.T.E. store boost its conversion rate further?”

“When you hover over the product images on the homepage, the product name and price are hard to read because of the translucent background. They might be able to boost click-through rates by adding stronger fonts or placing the text on solid backgrounds.

Over on the product pages, the add to cart buttons are nice and clear, but they could improve the selectors. It would be good to use some neat iconography instead of a standard drop-down selector to choose media type.”

A Swanky x Shopify Plus success story: Time+Space

A blog post about Shopify music stores wouldn’t be complete without a nod to one of our very own music industry clients, Time+Space, and their successful Shopify Plus site.

For over two decades, Time+Space have been proudly supplying artists, music producers, composers, arrangers, audio professionals and creatives with premium tools for computer-based music production. Their offering includes premium virtual instruments, effects plugins, sample packs and music production hardware from some of the world’s leading suppliers.

We asked Swanky’s Sean Clanchy how the Time+Space store is optimised for conversions:

“It’s great to see this store using dynamic search recommendations and predictive search results. This provides a smooth experience for search-users who have a specific product in mind, helping to move customers along the purchase funnel to the checkout.

The inclusion of customer reviews is so important, especially for high-ticket items like those that Time+Space sell. Prospective customers are so much more likely to make a purchase if they can see multiple authentic reviews from their peers. Layered reviews are perfect for this type of store. Users can rate products based on ease of use, value for money, sound quality etc., which is important for building product credibility and consumer confidence.

Another key aspect of this store is the loyalty program. Not only do they have the standard LoyaltyLion widget in the bottom right corner of the screen, they have a specific landing page for their loyalty program. This page does a great job of explaining to visitors the benefits of the program, how to earn points, and how points can be used. The use of iconography is particularly strong.”

Feeling inspired?

If you’re feeling inspired by this ensemble of Shopify music stores, then why not talk to our friendly team of experts about how we could help jazz up your ecommerce site!

As well as experienced ecommerce experts, the Swanky team is composed of many musical maestros, so we’d love to hear from any ambitious music brands who want to find out more about Shopify Plus migrations, web design, optimisation or marketing strategy.

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