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How to Rebrand Your Website

If you’re investing in a website design for the first time it can be very exciting! There is something very liberating about the creative process.

However, if you’ve already got an established web presence then you’re probably carrying different questions.

How do you rebrand your website in a way which adds momentum, improves your web design and keeps regular customers happy and engaged?

Written By
Dan Partridge

Changing Your Trading Name?

This is the first question to ask. Everything else will follow on from this decision…

Is it working for you? Is it clear what you’re offering? Have you got established customers who will be put off by a change?

Have you got domain names and social media profiles lined up for the new name?

Have you ensured that old domains/profiles point to your new ones?

Are you 100% committed to the new name?

Have you reverse engineered the process and set yourself manageable goals? Have you got a strategy to explain the change to your customers? Will you be able to instigate the change without harming your SEO?

Whilst a name change is not to be taken lightly, there are also huge opportunities that can come with such a step. Reaching out to customers, press and competitors will quickly help you to get the word out about the change. You might even find that the change brings marketing opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

How to Rebrand Your Website Design

There is a reason why we’d encourage you to begin the rebranding process by evaluating your name. This is because underneath the questions about identity, customer loyalty and reputation are some foundational concepts that will influence the way you approach your website design. Get these right and you’re on course for a successful rebrand.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you want to keep your name because it clearly communicates what your business is about.

This shows that being identifiable is a big part of your branding. This will mean that your website design should very quickly communicate key information about your business to site visitors. This impacts your logo, homepage and visuals. It helps you to understand that a new website design which isn’t identifiable with your products/services should be considered a failure.

It also helps you to decide what style of web design you need. Take our client bukcase, for example, who make superb personalised covers and cases for iPads and iPhones. Given that the company are making accessories for Apple customers, it is essential that site visitors feel as comfortable using the site as they would with Apple’s.

There are various ways in which this is accomplished, from typography and layout to recommendations from national publications. The website also showcases the latest responsive web design techniques to ensure that mobile/tablet visitors (ie those most likely to purchase bukcase’s products) receive the highest quality user experience.

If you’re looking for help with your rebranding, feel free to get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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