Case Study: The Sales-Boosting Impact of Bespoke Subscription Solutions

13/08/2018, Web Design, Esther Lowde

Swanky are passionate about using our technical ecommerce know-how to create custom solutions for every one of our clients’ unique business challenges; helping them unlock their sales potential by developing and delivering high-quality website tools, apps and systems integrations.

Read on to find out how Swanky helped artisanal pasta delivery service Pasta Evangelists to streamline their customers’ meal ordering experience and simplify their internal business management by building them a personalised subscription management system.

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Founded in 2017, Pasta Evangelists specialise in delivering artisanal recipe boxes and restaurant-quality pasta straight to their customers’ doors. As a new and innovative company, the team have been experiencing rapid growth since creating their meal subscription service last year.

However, shortly after the launch of their website, the up-and-coming brand soon found that they were struggling with the fact that their original subscription management tool did not allow their subscribers to be able to choose the meals they wanted to order each week as part of their subscription. This meant that the team had to handle their customers’ unique pasta preferences manually; a complex and time-consuming process which they knew would seriously slow down the progression of their business if not addressed properly.

Essentially, Pasta Evangelists were struggling as they were a quickly scaling business using a completely non-scalable administrative system.

With so much on their plate already, the ambitious team of culinary experts were looking to save time on routine admin work by finding a subscription management solution which worked automatically to satisfy their customers and free up some of their team’s precious time.

As ecommerce industry experts with 8 years of experience in building and designing custom Shopify websites, apps and tools, our team of Swanky developers had just the solution they were looking for – and were delighted when Pasta Evangelists reached out to us for help.


How did Swanky address Pasta Evangelists’ problem?

Our team got to work building the Pasta Evangelists team a completely bespoke subscription system that integrates with popular Shopify subscription payment app Recharge to simplify the way they managed their customers’ regular orders.

This unique solution allowed customers to quickly choose their favourite recipes, adjust the quantity of these pasta dishes and either skip a week or add extra dishes to their regular subscription plan whenever they please.


Pasta Evangelists’ new bespoke meal selection page for subscribers.


As our specialist web design team were integrating the system into Pasta Evangelists’ existing website theme and branding package, they were careful to ensure that all changes made complemented and fit into the brand’s existing image. Pasta Evangelists’ new subscription pages are therefore bold, product-focussed and visually appealing – just like the rest of their website.


What has Swanky’s bespoke subscription system done for Pasta Evangelists?

Their new subscription system has worked to revolutionise the business on several levels. For example, it is hugely improved from a UX (user experience) perspective, with its simple navigation and attractive layout resulting in increased levels of customer engagement – and therefore faster revenue growth.

Significantly, the new custom subscription tool also saves the company time on routine admin work, allowing the team to scale their brand while focussing their efforts on the more directly revenue-generating aspects of their internal management.

As Pasta Evangelists begin their second year of ecommerce trading equipped with a new personalised subscription tool which is optimised for success, we have no doubt that they will achieve great things in the ecommerce world and are excited to watch them continue to scale and succeed in the future. 


If you are interested in investing in a custom tool development project to help you boost your sales and meet your unique business goals, Swanky are here to help.

Our expert team are passionate about designing high-quality ecommerce tools and apps to help businesses unlock their full potential and reap all of the exciting benefits of owning a beautiful and user-friendly online store.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in finding out more.

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