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Case Study: The Bespoke Theme Build That Helped Luxury Furniture Brand Olivia’s Increase Revenue by 295%

Our latest case study showcases the commercial importance of polished brand presentation and UX-led site design. Read on to find out all about the positive impact a bespoke theme makeover had for online furniture retailer Olivia’s.

Written By
Hannah Smiddy

Following a swanky makeover of its Shopify Plus site, online interiors brand Olivia’s has enjoyed some impressive improvements to key ecommerce metrics, including a 295% boost to revenue year-on-year!

In this case study, we’ll find out how Swanky helped the brand achieve such notable results, getting the lowdown on their chic new look and slick ecommerce tech stack.

Brand overview

Delivering ‘fashion for your home’, online luxury interiors business Olivia’s works closely with artisans, designers and brands to provide beautiful, high-quality furniture and accessories. Their D2C ecommerce site is a treasure trove of gorgeous home decor products and endless interior inspo. 

The challenge

Having undergone a big brand transformation, including a change of name, Olivia’s were looking for a smooth and sophisticated ecommerce experience to reflect their new and improved brand. They were using an out-of-the-box theme on their Shopify Plus store, but dreamt of something a little more swanky.

Top of their ecommerce wishlist were speed, a streamlined user experience and better mobile performance. When it came to design, they wanted a polished, premium site that oozed elegance, mirroring their luxury product offering. 

Inspired by our premium design portfolio, they enlisted Swanky’s help to give their Shopify Plus store a makeover.

How Swanky helped

Furnished with a thorough understanding of the Olivia’s brand and its values, goals and audience, we got to work on a bespoke Shopify Plus theme build

A polished new look

We caught up with Swanky’s Creative Director, Matt Giles, to get the lowdown on the site’s makeover:

“Olivia’s new-look store offers a streamlined, sophisticated and refined browsing experience – just what the brand was looking for.

We’ve made excellence and luxury feel much more approachable with simple, beautifully-transitioning navigation that allows users to explore fitting out their entire home on one site with consummate ease.

The products are served at scale in an approachable format to enable customers to achieve their unique, dream interior in just a few clicks. Overall, it’s a stylish, fuss-free site that enables the time-poor connoisseur to get where they want to quickly.”

Diving deeper into the use of colour and typography, Matt commented:

“The slightly off-white background brings an added touch of sophistication and elegance. Meanwhile, the beautiful typography, including unique serifs for statements, really increases the luxurious appeal.”

Tech stack consultation

As well working on a swanky new-look for Olivia’s, we consulted on a future-proofed tech stack that would integrate perfectly with their Shopify Plus store and allow for accelerated growth.

We recommended and implemented the AI-powered customer marketing platform Ometria, which unifies data from multiple customer touchpoints to build insightful customer profiles and create personalised experiences.

We also implemented the Wishlist Plus app, an intuitive wishlist module that allows users to save and return to their favourite items without being logged in. Merchants can run personalised marketing campaigns across email and social channels, based on shoppers’ wishlist activity. What’s more, users are more likely to convert and tend to spend more with each purchase!

Since launch, we’ve worked with the Olivia’s team to implement Searchanise, as well.

This popular on-site search solution provides a much more intuitive search experience than that offered natively by Shopify, with highlights such as error tolerance, personalised search suggestions and custom merchandising rules.


So, what impact has Olivia’s online transformation had on key ecommerce and behavioural metrics?

When you compare the six weeks post-launch with the six weeks before, average order value increased by 49% and revenue per user was up by 42%.

Year-on-year comparison shows that revenue is up by 295% and the number of transactions has rocketed by 293%.

This yearly comparison also reveals a 311% increase in users.


From an SEO perspective, the number of users coming through to the site via search engines has increased by 423%. And the quality of that traffic is high, with revenue produced by those users being up by 781%, conversion rate having increased by 149% and revenue per user being boosted by 68%!

People are now spending longer on the site, with a 27% increase in average session duration when you compare post-launch data to 2019 figures. The number of unique pages being viewed per session has also increased since last year, with a rise of 67%. These increases could be the result of improved user experience, with faster page loads, easier navigation and engaging visual design.

Discussing the commercial impact of Olivia’s new-look ecommerce site, Ben Homer, Head of Operations at Swanky, said:

“These results show just how commercially important brand presentation and site design are. Functionally, not much has changed on the site, but it’s impressive to see the positive impact driven by the UX-led design changes our team made. With clear and detailed customer insights, you can craft an on-site experience that engages and resonates with shoppers, boosting the metrics that matter!”

Your Shopify Plus experts

Looking to kickstart or upgrade your ecommerce site? With a decade of experience behind us, we know what it takes to craft beautiful ecommerce experiences that reach more buyers and sell more products.

In fact, Swanky has been included in DesignRush’s round-up of best ecommerce web design agencies! The expertly-curated list features industry-leading agencies known for their ability to build compelling ecommerce websites that engage and convert visitors.

Reach out to our team today to find out how Swanky could bring your ecommerce vision to life! 

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