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4 Warning Signs That You Need a New Website

Here’s a question for you and your business: would you be able to recognise the warning signs that you need a new website?

Written By
Dan Partridge

As an Exeter-based web design agency we have the privilege of working with all sorts of businesses. Our responsibility is to help our clients take their business to the next level. This involves a diverse range of website design services; designing and developing Shopify ecommerce sites, brochure websites, charity campaigns and mobile apps.

However, whilst our clients are very different, they have one thing in common. They have approached us because they realise that they need a new website.

We know that this isn’t always a straightforward decision to make. There are times when investing in a website should be put on hold so that you can invest in other areas of your business. There are also times when a new website design should be your absolute highest priority.

Here are 4 warning signs that you need a new website. If you’re still undecided and want more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our services.

1. Slow Load Speed

A common problem with older websites is that they take a long time to load. This can lead to all kinds of problems. Essentially, users are unlikely to stick around and view your site. There are all kinds of worrying statistics about slow load times and diminishing ecommerce returns. Mobile connection speeds tend to exacerbate the problem. Whatever your business, if your site visitors can’t access your content quickly, you’re in trouble.

We build lightning-fast websites that give visitors a superb user experience. We’re also able to help you speed up your existing site through a combination of technical procedures and practical advice.

2. Outdated Typography

There are various ways to identify a dated website. These include your imagery, site layout, navigation and content. However, outdated typography is both one of the most subtle and one of the most important.

What exactly do we mean by this? Well, the fonts that you use on your website are very important. They determine how easily site visitors can read your content. They demonstrate how interested you are in the visual appeal of your website. Tellingly, they also show how old your website is.

This is because our use of typography is constantly changing. In recent years we’ve seen a whole new range of web fonts becoming available. These tend to offer greater sylistic variety and are easier to read on screen.

If you’re still using an old font – particularly one that is typically associated with print – this is another warning sign that it’s probably time for a new website.

3. Flash

This particular warning sign needs little explanation. If website visitors are greeted by an array of flash fireworks, your website needs to be updated. The fact that iPhone/iPad users can’t even access this content says it all.

4. Poor Mobile Experience

In 2014 mobile accessibility is arguably the factor that will determine the success of your website. If smartphone and tablet users can navigate your website, read your content and respond to your call-to-actions then you’re onto a winner. If they can’t, a huge percentage of your visitors will quite simply be unable to use your website.

We’ve been working on mobile solutions for a couple of years and were early adopters of responsive website design principles. We have the skills to help your website engage with mobile visitors, increase traffic and help you achieve your objectives.

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