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Case Study: How SEO Boosted this Shopify Store’s Traffic by 77%

Colville Leather is an ecommerce store specialising in supplying quality handmade leather goods and accessories to their ever-expanding customer base.

Read on to discover how Swanky helped this Totnes-based brand to spread the word about its luxury products and take its local business nationwide.

Written By
Esther Lowde

When Matt Nesbitt initially founded Colville Leather, he was driven simply by a passion for reintroducing others to the longevity and beauty of traditionally made leather accessories, and expected the business to remain a part-time job alongside his other work. However, the brand quickly proved itself to be overwhelmingly popular with customers, and before long Matt decided he would meet this demand by turning running Colville Leather into a full-time career.

However, without a professional marketing background and years of experience in implementing successful marketing campaigns, Matt knew that he needed to seek expert help in order to help his business reach its full potential. After hearing about Swanky’s range of specialised ecommerce marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) services, Matt, therefore, contacted us in the hope of spreading the word about his beautiful hand-crafted goods and attracting as many new clients as possible from search engines, where over 93% of online experiences now begin.

Over the course of the following year, we worked with Colville Leather to create a tailored marketing, content and keyword strategy, allowing the brand to create and share useful and engaging posts on their website and social media channels and so entice a whole host of new potential clients to their store.

And what were the fruits of this labour?

Although good SEO is a slow-burn process, which yields results that are significant and sustainable without being instant, Colville Leather have already achieved and surpassed all of their goals since beginning their partnership with Swanky.

For example, Colville Leather now appear within the top 10 search engine results for relevant keywords such as “wood and leather bag” and “oak bark tanned leather”, and hold an impressive first position national ranking for the search term “sustainable leather belts” on Google. As 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results, this has had a dramatic and positive impact on Colville Leather’s customer reach, annual revenue and overall ecommerce success.

Since coming to us last year, Colville Leather have also experienced a 77% growth in organic traffic, with their average number of site visitors increasing from 242 to 325. Moreover, their total site traffic has increased by 20%, moving from 970 visits to 1164 visits per month on average.

Screen capture from Google Analytics demonstrating Colville Leather’s increase in organic traffic and social media engagement.

Through the collaborations we have arranged for them with reputable online businesses, Colville Leather have also earned multiple backlinks over the last year from trusted websites with an impressive average domain authority of 37. While working with us, Colville Leather’s own domain authority has also increased by over double (from 6 to 13). This means that the website’s reputability has risen significantly and Colville Leather has thus become much more visible to potential clients searching for leather products on Google.

As a result of the intricate social media content strategy we crafted for Colville Leather, the brand’s social media following has also been completely transformed. With their total website visits up by 94%, their Facebook page views up by 58% and a 182% increase in the number of Twitter impressions in the last few months, there is no doubt that customers are engaging with the brand more than ever.

Director Matt Nesbitt has also found that customers are responding extremely positively to Colville Leather’s new archive of useful and informative blog posts, which has also helped him to use his own time more efficiently as he can simply direct clients to Colville’s relevant articles and so provide them with instant answers to frequently asked questions.

Moving forward, Colville Leather are excited to continue working with us and watching their ecommerce business sustainably grow. At Swanky, we are excited to help them reach their next milestone.

If, like Colville Leather, you are looking to enhance the number of visitors to your business, the Swanky team are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

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