SEO Case Study: How One Advertising Business Rose to the Top

Since founding their innovative business in 2012, the Signkick team have specialised in making the planning, purchase and execution of outdoor advertising simpler and more accessible for business owners across the nation. With over 75,000 available promotional spaces across the UK and a wide range of helpful advertising services to provide, the brand quickly began working to spread the word about their company to as wide an audience as possible.

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Esther Lowde

An image demonstrating the search function for Signkick’s advertising space.

As 93% of online experiences now begin with a search engine, it quickly became clear that the best way to get their brand’s name out there was to maximise their visibility on search engines such as Google and so encourage more potential clients to click on their website link.

However, without a background of SEO-specific knowledge, training and experience, the task of boosting their national ranking position for the right keywords online posed a significant and time-consuming challenge to the Signkick team.

In 2016, they therefore decided to enlist the help of our leading ecommerce-specialised design and development agency Swanky in order to secure a top position on Google, attract more business owners to their site and ultimately make sure their business was reaching its full potential.

Over the last year, their results have been remarkable. Since beginning their work with us, Signkick’s overall traffic (the number of people visiting their site) has increased by 50%, with their organic traffic (the number of these visitors who enter their site from a search engine results page) rising by 28%.

Their average number of page visits per month has nearly doubled, rising from 7k to 13k, and Signkick are also currently ranking at position one nationwide on Google for 25 popular keywords such as “billboards for rent”, “Christmas billboard rental” and “how to advertise outdoors”.

So how was all of this achieved in just over a year?

At Swanky, we don’t use any sneaky tricks or short-term hacks to boost businesses’ organic traffic. We believe the key to creating the most successful and sustainable SEO strategy possible lies in establishing a strong research foundation.

We therefore began tailoring an effective SEO plan for Signkick by analysing their current performance, carrying out thorough competitor research and identifying target keywords that matched what Signkick’s specific target audience were searching for online. These terms could then be woven into useful and relevant blog posts, allowing us to put together a detailed and efficient content plan for the brand.

Through arranging content collaborations with other trusted advertising businesses, we were also able to earn Signkick a large number of high-quality backlinks from websites – with an impressive average domain authority score of 43 – thus increasing Signkick’s reputation and credibility dramatically from the perspective of Google’s search results ranking algorithm.

As we have established, the results of implementing this specifically tailored and long-term SEO strategy for Signkick have been measurable and significant. With studies showing that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of Google search results, this is great news for Signkick who now appear on the first page of results for over 50 key search terms.

At Swanky, we are excited to see this valued client continue to reap the benefits of the strategic and sustainable SEO plan we have created for them.  

If, like Signkick, you are a business owner looking to achieve similarly remarkable SEO results, the Swanky team would be more than happy to talk through our range of professional services with you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

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