Ecommerce Spotlight: Payment Solutions with Klarna

30/01/2020, Marketing, Han Dickson

Today on the blog, Robert Gibson, Commercial Manager at Klarna, joins us for the latest instalment of our Ecommerce Spotlight series. Find out how Klarna is overhauling the shopping experience with its flexible payment options!

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Welcome back to another instalment in Swanky’s Ecommerce Spotlight series! Together with our trusty partners, we’re exploring the swankiest features and apps that the Shopify ecosystem has to offer, helping merchants across the land to unlock their ecommerce potential.


Today, it’s Klarna’s turn under the spotlight. Robert Gibson, Commercial Manager at Klarna, discusses how payment solutions are transforming the customer experience!


Klarna: a snapshot



Swedish-born private fintech company Klarna promises an “effortless, safe and fun” shopping experience with their various payment solutions. With over 80 million shoppers and nearly 200,000 retailers on board, it’s safe to say that Klarna’s offering has taken online shopping by storm.


Pay in 3 – This solution allows consumers to spread the cost of purchases into 3 equal interest-free instalments.


Pay Later – Shoppers get up to 30 days to pay, with no fees or interest.


Klarna app – Users can easily manage all their purchases and repayments, report returns and get support with queries.


Basics covered, now let’s hand over to Robert for more details!


How can Klarna’s solutions benefits Shopify merchants?





  • By providing them with a gateway to all of the consumers that Klarna has in the UK.


  • The Shopify integration is very quick, seamless and easy – merchants can get up and running very quickly.



How does Klarna improve the customer’s shopping experience?





  • Flexibility is key – merchants can provide that to the consumer through Klarna. 


  • Customers can “bring the fitting room into the sitting room” and also pay for goods over a prolonged period. 


  • Klarna has ‘Pay in 3’ as well, which gives you the flexibility to increase the amount of items that you’d like to purchase and gives you the choice to pay those off over three monthly instalments. 



What’s the most interesting way a merchant has used Klarna?





  • Providing a connected experience from online to in-store by offering consumers the flexibility to purchase with Klarna at the point of sale!


  • Identified Klarna customers can elect to Pay Later or Pay in 3 at the point of purchase physically.



What’s your favourite Klarna feature?





  • Klarna offers lots of great features that are all very unique in their own way.


  • The most unique feature of Klarna as a business is how we work with our merchants on an individual basis, achieving mutual growth through co-marketing, events and pop-ups.



Can shoppers use Klarna’s Pay Later feature in store?





  • More commonly, Klarna is available in-store with consumer financing as the primary offer.


  • We are rolling out in-store versions of Pay Later and Pay in 3, which means merchants can provide a consistent experience for consumers both online and in a physical presence. 



When shoppers use Pay Later, how quickly will merchants get paid?





  • Once the goods have been dispatched to the customer, merchants will receive their funds.



What are the merchant fees for using Klarna?





  • Pay later starts at 1.9%.


  • This percentage increases with the more risk we assume.


  • There’s also a 20p transaction fee associated with Klarna purchases.



How could Klarna benefit merchants that are expanding globally?





  • Localised payments are fundamental when a business is expanding globally.


  • Businesses need to offer consumers a choice, especially if they expect it as a norm in that country (i.e the Nordic regions and Germany).


  • As a global provider, Klarna can support both of these things.



What does the shopper experience look like with Klarna?





  • During the purchase experience, consumers can see exactly how easy it is to spread the cost of their purchase over 3 months using Klarna.


  • There’s also a pre-filled checkout experience when using our Pay Later option.


  • The post-purchase experience with Klarna is paramount too, and many consumers really enjoy this aspect.


  • Consumers benefit from no fees and no interest.


  • There’s also an engaging consumer-facing app which tracks all of your purchases – this has become a shopping experience in itself in some markets.


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A big thank you to Robert for explaining how Klarna’s payment solutions can be used to benefit both customers and merchants alike!


Next up in our Ecommerce Spotlight series, we’re chatting to Namogoo’s Tal Rotman about the phenomenon of customer journey hijacking.


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