Ecommerce Spotlight: Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention with Namogoo

21/02/2020, Marketing, Hannah Leary

Check out our interview with Tal Rotman of Namogoo, exploring the phenomenon of customer journey hijacking. What is it, how does it affect customers and merchants, and how does Namogoo prevent it?

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Welcome back to another instalment in Swanky’s Ecommerce Spotlight series! Together with our trusty partners, we’re exploring the swankiest features and apps that the Shopify ecosystem has to offer, helping merchants across the land to unlock their ecommerce potential.


Today, Namogoo’s Tal Rotman joins us to discuss customer journey hijacking prevention. But first, let’s take a snapshot view of this swanky technology.


Namogoo: a snapshot

Namogoo’s pioneering technology helps prevent customer journey hijacking. It detects and blocks unauthorised ads injected into consumers’ browsers that redirect site visitors to competitor products and promotions, thus lifting conversion rate and winning back stolen online revenue. 


By eliminating invasive content on a site, visitors can enjoy the customer journey as intended, whilst merchants can enjoy better visibility with increased accuracy around journey analytics – a win-win solution.


Some of the world’s leading brands, including Argos, Dollar Shave Club, ASICS and Ocado, use Namogoo to prevent customer journey hijacking and boost their business metrics. Check out some of their biggest success stories here.


Let’s get some more details from Tal:


How many website visitors are affected by journey hijacking?





  • Across our global customer base, approximately 15 to 25% of sessions experience journey hijacking. 


  • During Black Friday, those numbers can spike above 30%.



Does journey hijacking impact conversion rates?





  • Yes, you can see your competitors taking away your customers and having an obvious impact on conversion rates.



How does journey hijacking affect customers and merchants?





  • Online journey hijacking stops a conversion from happening.


  • Traffic is siphoned away from the merchant’s site, disrupting the customer journey and detracting from the overall experience.



The benefits of hijacking prevention software





  • Namogoo prevents visitors leaving your site through journey hijacking.


  • Increase conversion rates by 2-5%, which brings significant value to a business.


  • We target a return on investment in five weeks or less.



Next under the spotlight


Thank you to Tal for exploring customer journey hijacking prevention with us. Find out more about the phenomenon and its affect on business here.


Next up in our Ecommerce Spotlight series, we’re chatting to Emarsys’ Partner & Alliances Team Lead, Dan Bowden, about customer engagement and marketing automation!


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