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Available Now: Swanky’s Comprehensive Guide to Composable Architecture & Headless Development on Shopify

Our guide to composable commerce on Shopify’s headless ecommerce stack is the ultimate resource for CTOs curious about composability in modern commerce solutions.

Written By
Catherine Lambert

It’s here, The CTO’s Guide to Composable Commerce & Headless Technologies on Shopify!

Expertly crafted by Swanky’s Head of Technology, Ian Jamieson, and with contributions from leaders at Shopify, Sanity and Dynamic Yield, this comprehensive resource is tailored to CTOs and technical leaders who might be contemplating adopting a composable architecture, or seeking to enhance their existing composable stack.

What’s inside?

Our guide explores the following topics:

  • Clarifying and differentiating key technologies and approaches – including defining popular terms such as composable, monolithic and headless.
  • How to harness composability on Shopify – looking at Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Commerce Components by Shopify.
  • When the right time is to consider a composable architecture – including the main use cases we’ve identified.
  • Key considerations before choosing to go headless – such as complexity of development and associated costs.
  • Advantages and compromises of a composable stack – exploring themes such as performance, security, creativity and functionality.
  • How to manage project costs and budgeting – with budgeting advice and cost optimisation strategies.
  • Leading a composable commerce project as a CTO – including tips around stakeholder engagement, project management and problem solving.

The initial chapters seek to disambiguate the topic of composable commerce and clearly differentiate the various approaches and frameworks available to build with. The guide then moves on to look in detail at Shopify’s answer to composable commerce, before walking you through some of the implications of embarking on a composable project. Next, the focus moves to the advantages of implementing a composable architecture, before considering the practicalities and costs involved with leading such a project as a CTO.

And, if you’re already on a composable stack, this guide presents some of the new opportunities available to further optimise and grow your ecommerce business.

Read the guide now

Whether you’ve just started to explore composable commerce, or are already well on your way to implementing it within your business, we trust you’ll find this the definitive guide on how to build a composable tech stack with Shopify.

Access your free copy here.

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