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Case Study: How Shopify Plus Levelled Up this Fashion Brand’s Ecommerce Game

Founded in Manchester by an ambitious team of rock-and-roll fashion lovers, Boda Skins are an international clothing enterprise on a mission to create the best leather jackets in the world.

Read on to find out how Swanky helped Boda Skins to transition their Magento store to Shopify Plus, revamp their online presence and set their website up for increased ecommerce success.

Written By
Esther Lowde

By the time Boda Skins first approached Swanky, they were already a well-established international enterprise who were just starting to expand the Boda brand by launching their new high-end jewellery line; Boda Rock.

However, with their previous platform Magento presenting them with a number of technical challenges, limited customisation options and poor flexibility, they were looking to move their rapidly growing business onto a more adaptable and easy-to-use ecommerce platform before continuing to branch out into fresh new retail avenues.

Why Shopify Plus?

Before long, Boda’s careful research showed them that Shopify Plus had exactly what they were looking for. In the words of Boda’s Global Manager, Georgie Williams, the team soon found that “Shopify Plus was just way more user-friendly and easier for our team to use. This meant it was way more valuable for our brand than Magento, and that switching platforms made a lot of sense for our business – especially seeing as Shopify is developing and improving all the time.

Built specifically for larger international businesses who are continuing to grow and thrive, Shopify Plus is trusted by major global brands such as Gymshark, Budweiser and Kylie Cosmetics, and – in addition to its flexibility and ease of use – offers more advanced customisation options and support for rapidly scaling businesses than standard Shopify functionality.

How Swanky Helped

As one of the first agencies in Europe to receive the Shopify Plus Experts accreditation, Swanky were the strongest choice to guide Boda through all technical and design elements of their new Shopify Plus store. The Swanky team were delighted to be chosen to help Boda with their exciting new project; a full migration from Magento to Shopify Plus and a custom website build and design.

From the offset, it was clear that any website representing such a trend-setting brand needed to be striking, sleek and stylish. Our highly skilled team of web design specialists set to work crafting a modern and stylised homepage featuring a looping video header, bold product-focussed imagery and a minimalistic black-and-white theme.

Boda Skins’ new Swanky website design.

However, this project was not just about a beautiful layout and site aesthetic. Our experienced design team are passionate about marrying form with function in every design project they undertake, and kept user-friendliness as a top priority throughout the entire website migration and design process. Boda’s new Shopify Plus storefronts had to be speedy, easy to navigate and make every customer’s journey to checkout as seamless and intuitive as possible.

The team paid close attention to every technical detail of the store’s design, even making subtle tweaks to change the colour of the store’s search bar and menu in time with the homepage video so that the text remained clear and contrasted with its background at all times.

While their previous Magento-hosted ecommerce business had been operating on 27 storefronts to achieve international, our design team also helped them to scale that number down to just 9, with engaging localised content for each of their international customer bases.

The Results

Boda Skins are now the proud owners of a premium, stunning and completely unique ecommerce store that not only reflects the stylish and modern feel of the leather jackets they create but is also commercially optimised to drive more sales.

The Boda team have also been enjoying the benefits of their platform migration; finding it much easier to carry out product updates and general tasks, and feeling a lot more flexibility in terms of what they are now able to do and build. According to Georgie Williams, Global Manager at Boda Skins, “switching to Shopify Plus has been a complete game changer for us as we can now make changes so quickly and so easily without getting bogged down by all of the coding that our previous platform required.”

Moving forward, Swanky are excited to continue working with Boda Skins through our conversion rate optimisation service. We will work to measure the most successful aspects of the store and continue to adapt, improve and refine Boda Skins’ websites to increase their customer satisfaction, website traffic and overall conversion rate.

As they approach their busiest trading period of the year, Boda are excited to achieve their business goals with their stunning new website and scalable ecommerce platform. At Swanky, we can’t wait to watch the team’s success continue to grow.

Shopify Plus Migration

If, like Boda Skins, you are looking for a Shopify Plus migration or a website revamp to boost your sales, Swanky are here to help. Our expert team are passionate about designing unique, beautiful, high-quality websites to help you unlock your full ecommerce potential and reap all of the exciting benefits of owning an exquisite Shopify Plus store. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in finding out more.

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