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27/03/2012, Marketing, Andrew McSweeney

SwankyApple is a client driven business. This means that we actively seek feedback to improve client experience.

In fact, it’s such an important element of our business that we have a dedicated meeting every two weeks to listen, and then act on your feedback. 

Recently we have been spending a lot of time talking to clients about the systems we use to keep your services ticking. The result? A big overhaul in our internal systems which will further improve your SwankyApple service.

We would like to share these changes with you and also highlight any differences you may notice.

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Client-facing changes


We’ve been gradually rolling out our new internal systems during this month. Most of these changes are happening behind the scenes. All of our staff have now been fully trained to use all new systems. There are several key changes that you will notice:


Quoting: We’ve moved from BidSketch to QuoteRoller for our proposal / quote building software. QuoteRoller provides a nicer interface and quicker access to the key information you are looking for in a proposal. In addition we have integrated e-signature capability to speed up contract signing making the whole process quicker and easier.


Invoicing: We are moving from Clearbooks to FreeAgent for our accounting and invoicing. You will notice that future invoices look slightly different and reference numbers will also have changed. Clients who take any of our monthly services will now receive a monthly invoice during free promotional periods if applicable (the full amount will be invoiced then discounted).


Basecamp: Basecamp, our project management software, has been completely rebuilt from the ground upwards. The result is a brand new user interface and software that is easier to use. All new projects will now have a new Basecamp project file whereas projects still in progress will continue to use Basecamp classic until the projects end.


Back-office changes


We’ve also made some changes to the back-office solutions we use. In case you are interested here’s what we have been busy working on…


Cloud storage: We’ve moved a more secure, highly resilient back-up solution – Box. We can now access all of our files remotely which ensures we have access to all the files we need no matter where we are. Box also automatically stores all of your proposals and contracts which is pretty nifty too!


CapsuleCRM: We’ve moved from Highrise to CapsuleCRM. Due to CapsuleCRM’s integrations we have sped up the process of using your contact information, and most importantly, ensuring that your details are always secure and up-to-date. We also are now able to have a clear record of our conversations outside of Basecamp. This means that we can more effectively help you and solve any issues you may have.


Working in the cloud


All of the solutions we use are now cloud-based. This means that data is secure and always accessible no matter where we are. We have also been very careful to select solutions which integrate with others. This means less time spent on administration and more time spent listening to your feedback and working on your projects. Here’s our complete map of the solutions we now use.


Above: Internal doc – our cloud-software integration map (click to enlarge)

Have any feedback?


We’d love to hear your opinions on these changes and any feedback on SwankyApple in general. Buzz Andrew an email ( or drop him a line (01392 927072). We really do value your feedback – it’s central to driving our business forward.

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