How to Write Blogs that People Actually Read

In today’s marketplace, businesses that are winning know how to leverage the power of digital marketing.

Blogs, Video, Social Media Updates; the ability to produce value-adding content allows to you extend your influence and increase your profile.

However, here lies the first barrier to most businesses: how can we generate the kind of content that makes this possible?

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Dan Partridge

This is a serious question. If you’re going to create fresh, catchy content, you’re going to need a number of assets. You’ll need a strategic plan. You’ll need to understand your customers. You’ll need to be tapping into the right online channels. Most of all, you’re going to need somebody in your team who can generate the kind of content that gets your business on the front-foot.

This can sound very pie-in-the-sky. That said, there are various ways that you can develop this kind of productivity from your team. You need to create a culture of creativity, tinkering and expression. You need to understand that content marketing works on a spectrum, not an on/off switch. You need to define the boundaries that you’re sticking within.

Perhaps most helpfully of all, you can devise a content marketing strategy that will help you to produce awesome content. Whilst creativity will always push boundaries, there is an extent to which you can facilitate regular creativity by agreeing a content marketing formula.

1. Short is Sweet

It’s important to apply this principle in the right way.

You need to understand that we’re experiencing a lessening of our attention spans, particularly online. This means that you need to make you point quickly. Your sentences need to be brief. Long paragraphs are a big turn-off.

However, long-form content is increasingly popular. If you’re looking for answers online, scratching the surface isn’t good enough. We recommend 5-600 word articles that offer something meaty in short, memorable soundbites.

2. Kick-Ass Titles

You need to produce titles which stand out. Imagine your would-be readers scrolling through Twitter or the SERPs. If your headline catches their attention, you win. If it doesn’t, you’re failing to get your content in the hands of the people that need it.

Do be careful that your headlines aren’t writing cheques that your content can’t cash. Understand what you’re saying, find the best way to package it and watch the pageviews pick up.

3. Tell A Story

The best content marketers love statistics, data and empirical evidence. They love to bring a scientific authority to their work.

However, it’s crucial that you find a way to encompass this within narrative. Stories are memorable, engaging, and far more likely to be shared on social networks. Take your readers on a journey and drip feed information as you go to demonstrate your expertise.

4. Ask Questions; Answer Questions

There is something very courageous about asking questions. It demonstrates that you’re willing to listen and learn. It shows that you’re realistic about your expertise and can handle the tension of difficult questions. Tellingly, it also helps you to identify with your readers, many of whom are trusting you for answers.

5. Give Knowledge Away

In business it’s always tempting to shield your expertise and insight from non-paying readers. However, taking this bold step will set you apart from your competitors. It shows that you really do care about your customers, not just your profits. It helps to establish you as an authority in your field. It also communicates a powerful message: by giving away helpful information we believe that we can help the general public to become proficient in our field and continue to sell our products and services.

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