What Does Buffer Teach Us About Business Culture?

If you’re a dedicated social media acolyte then you’ll already be familiar with Buffer, the uber-cool social media sharing app.

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Dan Partridge

For the benefit of everybody else, Buffer is a handy little app that allows you to space out your social media posts during the day. If you find an interesting article online but want to avoid bombarding your friends with updates, it’s a great way to have your cake and eat it. It’s also a nifty bit of technology for tech-savvy businesses that want the freedom to share content with followers throughout the day.

Buffer allows you to harness the spontaneity and simplicity of social media with the structure and strategy of a scheduling app.

There are loads of great things that we could say about Buffer. We love their minimalistic design and beautiful interface. We love the innovative way in which they’ve carved out a niche in the social media management market. We love how they employ job titles like “Chief Happiness Officer”.

However, the most remarkable thing about this mighty-impressive start-up is the creative environment which is underpinning the growth of the business…

A Progressive Business Culture

Birthed in Joel Gascoigne’s bedroom, it sounds like the Buffer vision has always been to create a different kind of business culture.

Google’s infamous “don’t be evil” mantra was a powerful vehicle but has inevitably led to accusations of hypocrisy as the company’s exponential growth has resulted in toes being trodden upon. Buffer are trying to create an equally innovative environment.


Buffer is a remarkably transparent company. They raised quite a stir recently when they released salaries for the entire company! The obsession with engineering can even be found in Buffer’s salary structure, with base salaries multiplied by the employee’s experience and location and stock options which can be traded for additional pay.

Going a step further than the start-up executives who take a nominal salary but cash in on lucrative stock holdings, co-founder Leo Widrich explains why Buffer have also gone public with equity:

Why? One, we wanted to truly commit to our value of transparency. When we announced it, Joel, our co-founder, emailed everyone and said, “I truly believe that transparency breeds trust, that’s one of the key reasons for this adjustment.”

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Whilst this is not a new principle, it’s very hard to actually implement. The reality is that in most business cultures efforts to work smarter are often  viewed as unprofessional. It’s easy enough to work smarter when you’re in the first few months of creating a  start-up, but much harder when you’ve employed a workforce. After all, it’s one thing making alternative work-life decisions when you’re the founding genius, but quite another when you need your employees to get the job done.

However, Buffer are certainly giving it their best shot. Employees are encouraged to invest in the culture of self-improvement and are encouraged to buy any book that will help them in this, on the company of course. Staff have even been given Jawbone wristbands to encourage healthy sleep patterns, lifestyle decisions and nutrition.

Buffer are creating a very cool, very classy business culture which is resulting in a quality product and outstanding customer service. We really like it.

If you’re looking for an easy tool to manage your social media musings then why not give Buffer a try?

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