Web Design Case Study: WeLoafIt.com

26/01/2012, Web Design, Guest Blogger

The folks at loafit asked us to start from scratch for this one.

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Their requirements and site functionality was complex and needed to be presented in far more simple, manageable way.


We got on board to bring our unique brand of design and technical know-how to bare and had soon shaken things up for the better.


Starting with a simple but clear brief we set about developing the site design from scratch. The site mascot, Mr Loaf, was developed to give the site a memorable visual identity which went beyond it’s basic name and function. We then established a clean, multi-hued design which helped differentiate the three main site sections.


In terms of programming, Loafit is a powerhouse of custom designed and built systems. On the front end we developed dynamic listings, user ratings, ranking algorithms and a complex external linking system which tracked and monetised outbound traffic. On the back-end we made all site content open to editors including the creation of pages, ranking management, area colour and header customization, user management, and more.


Visit: weloafit.com/


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