Welcome to Our New Website!

If you’re a returning visitor you might have noticed that we have a new website!

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Dan Partridge

After a fantastic 18 months we wanted to carve out a bit of time to develop a brand new website design. Whilst the old site has served us well, we thought that it was time to refresh things. The new site is live and we’re getting some great feedback.

We thought that you might like to know some of the rationale behind 3 features that you’ll find on our new site:

1. Superbly Responsive Web Design

In 2014 it’s essential that visitors from every device get a first-rate user experience from your website. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure that our new site is superbly responsive.

Whether you’re visiting us on an iPhone, Android device, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, we want you to love using our website. You’ll notice that the images, text and menus respond to the device that you’re using. This means that everybody can experience in our website in the most appropriate way for the screen they’re viewing.

If you’re a desktop user and have no idea what we’re talking about, why not try a quick preview? If you reduce the size of your browser by dragging in one of the edge tabs then you should find that the page starts to restructure the various elements. You can also see from the top image the way that our homepage looks on different devices.

2. Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

They say that change is one of life’s few constants. This is equally true for business. When we started SwankyApple in January 2010 we had a pretty good idea of the kind of web design agency we wanted to be.

However, like every growing business, we started to find niche areas that we were particularly good at! Today, we can broadly categorise the work that we’re doing into the 6 options you’ll find in our services menu: Shopify Ecommerce, Design & Branding, Charity Campaigns, Brochure Websites, Web & Mobile Apps and Search & Social Marketing.

We’ve simplified the website so that prospective clients can see exactly what we’re doing. This helps us to keep the main thing the main thing and keeps things as straightforward as possible for site visitors.

3. Lightning Fast Retina Resolution

One of the best things about refreshing our website design is that it gives us a better platform to showcase our design work. Whilst responsive web design allows us to serve fast loading lower-resolution images to mobile visitors, desktop visitors will be able to view it in lightning fast retina resolution.

The goal is that we have what is essentially an ‘HD’ website. The additional pixels will mean that site visitors with higher-quality screens can enjoy our website in sharper, retina quality.

We hope that you enjoy using our website as much as we have enjoyed working on it. Like every website, we’ll continue to improve and add to it over time.

If you like our site, why not leave a comment in the section below? If you’d like something similar for your business, why not contact us and see what we can do?

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