Web Design in Exeter: Thrills, Skills and Half the Bills

15/01/2013, Web Design, Dan McIvor

Exeter is a fantastic city. It’s not a secret that at the heart of Devon lies a thriving city with outstanding shopping, a top-10 University and an unparalleled quality of life.

The tourist guidebooks love that fact that in the same day (admittedly an exhausting one!) the keen adventurer can enjoy the culture of a European city, the rugged wilds of Dartmoor and the laconic beauty of some of Britain’s best beaches.

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We love Exeter. Simple. You’ve probably heard such sentiments a thousand times.


However, you might not be so familiar with the news that Exeter is home to an absolutely thriving web development sector. The place is positively teeming with innovators, web developers and creative web design types. What’s more, they’re really rather good at what they do.


It might surprise you to hear that Devon is something a breeding ground for cutting-edge website design. Isn’t it meant to be a breeding ground for… well, farm animals? That and Cream Tea, holiday homes and fudge? Surely Exeter lends itself more to early retirement than cutting-edge creative design agencies?


We would suggest that the answer has to be a resounding “No!”


There is something counter-intuitive about employing a web designer who spends their day engulfed by a dreary cityscape, shuttling from A to B on an underground train where nobody speaks to one another before arriving home just in time for a microwave meal and the imminent arrival of bedtime. Surely a web designer, web developer or graphic designer should be able to spend their weekends kitesurfing, walking or mountain biking? Inspiration is, after all, an everyday part of the job, and if you’re not encountering anything inspirational*…


Exeter web development v's london!


It’s also been our experience that the website design services that are available in Exeter stand shoulder to shoulder with the majority of competitors in our capital. It’s our firm belief that employing a web design agency in Exeter will deliver everything that you would expect from London-based web developers at a fraction of the cost.


Whether you’re looking for the latest responsive website design, cutting edge SEO services or a professional E-Commerce online retail website, we reckon that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Exeter.


Oh, and the Cream Tea isn’t half bad either.


* We like to caricature, we also quite like London!

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