The Value of Virtual

According to the Office for National Statistics online sales now constitute a record 10.6% of all retail sales (Sky News, 2011).

Written By
Dan McIvor

In the last four months of 2010 online sales accounted for 38% of Argos’ total sales compared to 35% in 2009. That’s worth more than £700 million. Tesco Direct internet sales rose by 18% and M&S internet sales rose by 25% by Christmas 2010. On one single day during December (the 7th just in case you were wondering!) Britain spent in excess of £350 million online. A total of £770 million was spent in Britain online throughout the whole of December. On Saturday 22nd January 2011 Apple’s App Store reached 10 BILLION downloads.

CES 2011 has been billed as the most exciting electronics show of the year. A sizeable amount of CES 2011 coverage in tech magazines focused on the emergence of smart TVs. Smart TVs are essentially TVs that allow you to access the internet and download apps to your TV just like you can do with your smartphones. Samsung is widely viewed as being at the forefront of TV apps.

Between the end of October 2010 and the end of January 2011 Samsung will have given away in excess of £32,000 worth of home entertainment products in a single campaign aimed at boosting the awareness of it’s smart TVs. The campaign covered both a dedicated website, Facebook and Twitter.

LoveFilm now streams films directly to your TV through their own app. LoveFilm has just been bought out by Amazon who have recognised the surging popularity of on-demand movie streaming in America. VUDU (US only) is one such streaming service that now offers standard definition, high definition and 3D movies direct to your TV over the internet.

So what is the point I am trying to make here? The value of the virtual world is continuously getting bigger and will do so for the foreseeable future. According to the BBC, House of Fraser credits the launch of internet sales for keeping sales up during the bad snow we have been having.

2011 is not only the year of the smart TV. It is also the year of the tablet PC. The internet has become truly portable. We can now access full internet on the move for a cheap price. This means that there is no question as to whether you invest that time and energy into your online presence. It’s essential. In fact it is perhaps down right silly not to take your online presence seriously.

I believe this so much that I, along with Dan, started SwankyApple. We are passionate about virtual identities. What’s more it’s not just about big companies. SMEs need to be online.

It is vital. It will generate sales and interest. It will ensure you do not get left behind the competition. It will ensure that when your potential customers go online to search for your products, which they will do, you are there.

All it takes is an investment in time and money which you will recoup. We make things as affordable as possible whilst keeping top quality a priority. The value of virtual is huge. Time to let us help you get things ticking.

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