New Year’s Resolutions for Smart Business Website Owners (1/3)

New Year, new technology, new customers, new business and maybe even a new website?

Written By
Andrew McSweeney

The first few months of the year can be an interesting time for us as SME web developers. It’s a time we always look forward to because we usually hear from lots of small businesses who are keen to do a little spring cleaning of their online home. They want to modify prices, tighten up designs, add new content and generally update their site to better reflect what their business has become during the last year.

Of course, businesses are often keen to find out what else we could do to improve their sites and there are usually at least three things we strongly encourage them to consider. With that in mind we thought we’d reveal these all-too-frequent three wishes as New Years resolutions (because there is rarely a good excuse to list wishes!).

Get that SEO sorted. Like, right now!

There are few things we at SwankyApple get more irate about than a great business website languishing on the 10th page of a relevant google search when tacky, bug ridden competitors pop up on page one. Killer search engine optimisation for business websites generally costs around just 10% of the overall website value and usually pays for itself within 2 months. After that it’s all profit. For a £500 website development that’s a £50 difference between 20 interested customers a day after the first month (continuing to grow after that with further investment) and just one or two – for life!

The best bit about SEO? Even if you’ve got an existing site, there’s a good chance that a decent web developer can work with it to markedly improve your sites search performance. A websites search performance can even be dramatically improved in highly contested areas (like searches for ‘business web development’ for example) by a more aggressive optimisation plan.

The important thing to remember about SEO is that if it is done well it will typically pay for itself after just a few months, and then will be providing tens, hundreds or even thousands of clicks per month for years to come. This should be at the top of every small businesses wish list.

We’ll get stuck into the next resolution next week where we’ll get even more irate about taking advantage of mobile and local marketing opportunities.

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