How to Finish Your Week on a High (Revolutionise your Fridays)

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Dan Partridge

However, we all know that sometimes the weekend can’t come quickly enough. Whether it’s because you’ve got great plans lined up – or simply that you’re having a not-so-brilliant week – there are times when work is far from easy. Not everybody enjoys their job, and even those that do experience times of frustration and demotivation.

If this describes your experience at work then Inc. is well worth following. With a range of lifehacks, studies and opinion to help you maximise your effectiveness at work, particularly if you’re involved in a start-up or small business, Inc. understand the tension that many of us experience between our ambitions and the reality of life in the workplace.

One of the best recent articles we’ve read recently – 7 Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome – outlines some very simple ways in which all of us can use the last few hours in a working week to set a platform for a great start to the next one. These range from the straightforward – planning your week, updating your calendar, reviewing your routine – to reverse-engineering your future or resolving to finally crack that project that you’ve been sitting on for weeks.

However, the simple premise that really jumped out at us was the final recommendation: work out how to finish your week on a high. Whilst it’s true that planning a considerate gesture towards a colleague is a great idea, we reckon that deciding how to finish your week on a high is a key part of developing a rewarding, productive and sustainable working life.

How to Finish Your Week on a High

One of the most rewarding ways to enjoy the last few hours of the working week is to eat and drink with colleagues. Grabbing lunch together or heading for drinks after work helps you to wind down, invest in friendship with your co-workers and gives you something to look forward to on your way in to work. It’s much easier to work hard on a Friday morning when you’ve got a social event to look forward to.

Another important step is to embrace the urgency of Friday instead of dreading it. With deadlines looming, stress can sometimes pile up and disempower us. Instead, remember how satisfied you felt last time you finished a hefty project and use this to motivate you in the here and now.

Similarly, reviewing this week’s progress is an effective way to satisfy yourself that you’ve worked hard enough this weekend and deserve a break – or that you’re not fulfilling your potential and need to review things. Either way, you’ll help to bring closure to the working week.

Finally, identify the tasks that you’re best suited to on a Friday and organise your week accordingly. If you’re at your most creative on a Friday, why not spend time on design or problem-solving work. Alternatively, if you know that you’ll be tired by Friday afternoon but can be effective administratively during these times then give yourself a hearty to-do list of ‘easy wins’ that you can work steadily through. This will maximise your sense of achievement and help you to head home knowing that you’ve been an asset to the organisation.

Worked out how to finish your week on a high? Why not take a few minutes to review your schedule and see if you can make some small changes that will revolutionise your working life…

Image: “Happy Hour” by Matteo Paccioti (Creative Commons)

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